L-da Wild’s First Live Performance, and the Power of Connection Through Music

L-da Wild is a natural performer. She mesmerizes her audience with her beautiful slap-style guitar playing complimented by her earth-toned voice. L-da’s lyrics are as unapologetic as it gets, and singing her lyrics live is among her favorite things in the world. “There’s nothing like it; singing a song I wrote to a bunch of people who are actually listening. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I just want to write something that can move someone somewhere.” L-da opened up, “I knew it from the first performance, that it was what I was going to do for the rest of my life.”

L-da’s first live performance was not exactly conventional, and it will undoubtedly make you love her even more. “I performed for the first time in a yoga studio, at the end of a class taught by a friend while the yogis were in Savasana (final meditation). I had been learning (yes learning, because a decade ago I couldn’t sing if my life depended on it) to sing for years before that, and I was terrified to finally perform. But this performance was so intimate and special that it ignited a burning passion in me to perform again. I went on to get certified to teach my own yoga classes, and then I often played my songs for my students in Savasana. The more I performed in my classes, the more connections I made with people in the performing industry, and before I knew it I was playing every day at different bars, restaurants and small venues.”

L-da not only teaches yoga classes, she also teaches a self-created 200 hour yoga certification course called The Tulita Yoga Method where she certifies other yoga instructors. Just when you think that she couldn’t possibly be more talented, she also wrote a 400 page yoga alignment and sequencing manual to compliment her yoga course.

Find L-da Wild on Apple Music here.

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