Kyrillos Saber’s English-Arabic Single, ‘Jumping High,’ is All Set to Rock the Music Industry

The outbreak of COVID-19 has pushed the world into a difficult phase. From global economies to the social lives of people, everything is experiencing the after-effects of this pandemic. While the wave has broken down in some parts of the world, there are nations that are still dealing with increasing COVID-19 patients and deaths. In times of uncertainty, where people have failed to understand as to when will they return to their ‘normal’ life, they still cling to hope.

Kyrillos Saber, who the world knows as an entertainer, is one of those individuals trying to make people around them feel better. They are using their skills to keep their audience’s minds at peace by blessing them with content that captivates their attention. Working on his new single, “Jumping High,” he is bringing his fans something that will help put them in a ‘mood to party,’ no matter where they are.

The 31-years-old entertainer has been fond of this industry since he was just a child. It was at the age of 15 that he proved to the world his potential to excel as an actor. Acting was not the only thing he was good at, the melodious voice with the skills to put it into beautiful phrases, made him pursue his music career as well. His debut single, “Screw You” was released on [date of release]. From lyrics to video, and from production to direction, the song is a pure Kyrillos production. The song that acquired 33,135 views on YouTube was his ticket into the music industry and marked the start of his successful career.

Bringing a Different Music Style for the Music Enthusiasts

Keeping up with his reputation, his new single is all set to the rock the music industry and make the listeners go wild. As Kyrillos states, “the song will make all listeners dance their hearts out.” Many people consider dancing and listening to music as therapeutic It is due to this reason, Kyrillos chose this time to release a song that can help people fight their worries. The fact that the song combines English and Arabic lyrics is serving as a source of excitement among all Kyrillos fans. The lyrics of this party and the club-style track is a result of Kyrillos’s songwriting skills. 

‘Jumping High’ is an amalgamation of pop and Egyptian drums, which will create a bridge between these two cultures. The unique combination is something that the world does not see much of, and it makes Kyrillos’ song a highly anticipated track. Kyrillos stated, “mixing the Egyptian drums with American pop music is something new, a ‘Different music style.’”

At present, the singer, songwriter, and rapper is working on the video, that too all by himself. While discussing the video, he stated, “the music video is funny and will contain special and unique dance moves, that will help the listeners de-stress.

Kyrillos plans to keep the audience entertained. In addition to his new single, he is also working on a movie, “Necrophilia.” It is a short film that is currently under production. Even though it is the first time that Kyrillos is directing a high-budget movie with a full professional cast, he has expectations from it. If the movie becomes a success, he will start working on the sequel as a feature film.

When asked about the storyline of the film, he narrated it in the following words, “the movie is about a crazy guy who likes to kill girls. Not only does he murder the girls but also have fun with their dead bodies. And what he does with the dead bodies will be the secret until you watch the film yourself.” The cast of the film includes two male and three female actors.

With the script of his short movie almost near its completion and the video of his song under creation, Kyrillos Saber is ready to give his fans a complete dose of entertainment. The time at present is tough for everyone, and this artist is using his talent to make this challenging situation bearable. His single, ‘Jumping High,’ is expected to hit the music industry in October and it is expected to make it big due to its unique English-Arabic combination!

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