Kristin Thomas; CEO of Health & Wellness Business School takes a fresh approach to helping health coaches make six-figures organically

Health and wellness coaching is a thriving industry. Unfortunately, many brilliant and passionate coaches — with the know-how gained from both life experience and education — lack the essential marketing skills required to run a thriving business. 

Furthermore, some business coaches with no marketing background are seducing health and wellness coaches into expensive coaching programs, resulting in many would-be brilliant coaches falling victim to burnout. 

A refreshing approach

The Health & Wellness Business School has been a life raft for many health coaches looking to master their business. Founded by Kristin Thomas, the school teaches passionate health and wellness coaches everything they need to know about marketing to create a business they love that produces six figures consistently. 

Unlike other coaches, who often attempt to wing it with high prices and no marketing background, Kristin possesses an impressive and envious resume. With a degree in marketing and communications and over 11 years of marketing experience in the competitive world of tech startups, she played an invaluable role in the exponential growth of the companies she worked for.

Inspired and wanting to help more small companies grow big, she quit her job and founded her own marketing agency, KDMedia, helping over 50 companies, two of which were acquired by major companies because of the results generated by their marketing.

There is no substitute for experience 

Having healed herself from a chronic autoimmune disease and armed with a newfound love for alternative medicine, Kristin couldn’t ignore her calling to help others experiencing the same agony that she once did. 

She became a certified health practitioner and started her own health coaching business, which turned out to be a roaring success, thanks in large part to her marketing expertise. 

Kristin didn’t leave anything to chance. She knew how to dial in her niche, write a clear message, execute a social media strategy, create a website that converts, price her services, and ultimately, sell her program.  

These marketing skills are greatly lacking in the health and wellness coaching space, and soon, Kristin was inundated with requests for help from her fellow coaches. 

As it turned out, her biggest strength was her peers’ greatest weakness. Rather than compete against them, she decided to work with them.

The number-one problem that health coaches face

Many coaches are brilliant — they were born to coach and help others — yet their business fails. They fall victim to burnout and stress, among other things. They don’t have a natural flair for entrepreneurship or a deep understanding of all that marketing encompasses to succeed. 

Customer acquisition is an entirely different skill set than coaching. More than anything, a health and wellness coach needs to know that they are running a predictable and stable business with nothing left to chance and to know that they can fill their calendar and pay their bills, so they can focus on doing what they’re great at: helping their clients overcome their health challenges. 

A new trend in coaching

Coaching is a big industry. As a result, many who have had success because they are brilliant coaches — not marketers — are now teaching new coaches how to do it, with less-than-impressive results.  

They think that it’s a one-size-fits-all — if it worked for them in their business, it will work for everyone else, right? Wrong. They don’t understand how industries differ or how to dial in a niche and write conversion-driven copy that appeals to a specific audience. 

Many aren’t even sure how they became successful themselves. 

While most — not all — have good intentions, the reality is that health and wellness coaches are failing in their flocks trying to imitate them. 

Making space for health and wellness coaches to thrive

With more and more coaches reaching out to Kristin for help, it was time to fuse all that she knew from her decade-long career in marketing, entrepreneurship, and health and teach heart-led health coaches precisely how to create a thriving company that produces six figures. 

That is precisely why the Health & Wellness Business School exists: to teach brilliant coaches everywhere exactly what they need to know about marketing their business and how to leave nothing to chance, freeing up energy to focus on ensuring the best results for their clients. 

As Gandhi once said: “Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge.”

This is particularly true in the wellness industry. Nothing can destroy the potential for a favorable outcome more than a lack of empathy — or heart — by not fully understanding or relating to the client. In Kristin’s view, this can be done authentically, organically, and effectively through a business’ marketing presence.

While coaching is a relatively new phenomenon, decades of research in clinical psychology have shown that the biggest predictor of counseling outcomes comes down to the relationship with the provider and their personal qualities, such as warmth, empathy, and compassion.

Kristin’s mission for the Health & Wellness Business School is to help tens of thousands of practitioners who truly care about others’ health and well-being reach hundreds of thousands of clients and make a measurable impact on today’s chronic disease epidemic. 

In doing so, they can drive real change to our overall health and wellness that will result in a drop in the number of people dealing with chronic health issues today.

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