Kilimanjaro Is A Challenging Hike, Yet The Most Popular One

Climbing Kilimanjaro can be a tough challenge due to many factors like the number of days involved in the hike. If you are hiking Kilimanjaro then you are continuously hiking for a minimum seven days. The muscles and joints are bound to get strained and sore. So one needs to take this into account and carry a first aid kit, balms, crepe bandage etc to carry out the hike smoothly.

The oxygen content in the air keeps dropping as one climbs the Mount Kilimanjaro. Breathing becomes a challenge as with every breath one is getting less and less power. At the summit the oxygen reduces by half. At night the summit becomes overly difficult. One has to be in the best physical condition to walk 16-18 hours on average with an ascent of over 1500 m and a descent of nearly 3000 m.

The climb each day eats up to 4000 calories and in the summit night 6000 calories thus the person climbing needs to double the normal water and food intake. One has no option but to fuel their climb even when they have lost their appetite. Body needs to be fed and hydrated to complete the climb.

It is necessary one carries a good amount of food, water and other essentials. It is also required to carry the best equipment to make sure the hike happens properly without any disaster or problems in the middle of it. Shoes that are efficient and fit for hiking should be taken. They have to be well worn and comfortable.

One will need to carry sunscreen, head gears for the day and the night, walking stick, warmers and other things to make sure the sun in the day as well as the air in the night can be dealt with. Layer your clothes rather than carrying one big heavy jacket. The temperature varies with the climb. Layering helps cope up with it.

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