Key Takeaways from an Entrepreneur’s Life

No one can give you precise insights or insider details of a field than a person working there, and the same goes with entrepreneurship. No matter how many books you read or documentaries you see, the chances are that the real takeaways will still be far away from your reach. It is why we reached out to Kimberly Torres, a successful entrepreneur, so she can directly share some key takeaways from her long entrepreneurial journey.

Kimberly Torres is a successful day trader, a well-known educator, and a coach that helps people achieve a life of financial abundance. Kimberly started her career as a nurse and later made an impressive shift to the stock options industry to fulfill her dreams. Ever since she left her job as a nurse, Kimberly donned multiple hats to reach where she is today. Her teachings will give you a fresh perspective and act as a guiding force in your journey. So let’s jump straight to the takeaways that Kimberly wishes someone told her in her initial struggling days. 

Support Never Comes From Familiar Faces

If you’re like Kimberly Torres, who was born and raised in an environment of mediocrity, this point is for you. When you grow up in an ordinary environment, where learning to live with limited resources is considered normal, and a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle is celebrated, you certainly cannot take your acquaintances advice to break the chain of poverty.

To succeed in life, you have to take the advice and support of successful people living your dream life. The best way to get their support is by starting to network with them. You can use platforms like LinkedIn, Xing, LunchMeet, and others to reach out to such people and start connecting. It will be a tedious and long process, but it will be well worth it.        

Motivation is Temporary; Drive is Permanent

At some point in time, people need motivation. It acts as the much-needed “push” that makes everyone take the next step. The only downside of motivation is that it’s not long-lasting. The words that motivated you today may become ineffective the next day. It is why Kimberly Torres often asks her students to focus on the drive.

Whenever you feel like giving up and going back to a ordinary life, you need to remind yourself of the purpose that made you come this far. An entrepreneur’s journey is a lonely one, and only you can lift yourself up during challenging times. According to Kimberly Torres, “Make your purpose so strong that nothing stops you from reaching your goal, come what may.”  

Failure is Not an Option

If you already have a plan B ready, you probably weren’t serious enough to succeed with your plan A in the first place. Successful entrepreneurs give all their time trying to succeed in one thing instead of switching between two or multiple options. Had Kimberly started juggling between day trading, nursing, and some other profession, she wouldn’t have been so successful as she is today.

Challenges are an inevitable part of an entrepreneurs’ life, and you cannot get away from them. Failure is never an option for achievers, as they make sure to overcome whatever challenge is thrown at them. The day you start working on that “one” thing, don’t stop till the goal is achieved, come what may.

Making Your Journey Easy!

Knowing what awaits you in the journey ahead makes it a lot easier to prepare for it in advance. Now that Kimberly Torres has shared some insanely useful takeaways, you can plan your journey accordingly.

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