Jeff Lopes Helps Father Entrepreneurs Grow their Relationship with their Family and Business

Jeff Lopes, a Toronto based serial entrepreneur, shares secrets with father entrepreneurs to grow their relationship with their family and business. Through his business coaching, he guides father entrepreneurs to create a space for their fitness, family, and business in their life.

Jeff Lopes dived into the entrepreneurial world at a very young age and he has got over 24 years of experience working as an entrepreneur. The serial entrepreneur has learned a lot during his entrepreneurial journey and he has established many successful corporations such as Kimurawear and True Blue Homes.

There has been a rapid growth in popularity surrounding his podcast, Jeff Knows Inc., on which he invites experienced and successful entrepreneurs to share their true-life success stories. The content on his podcast inspires every father entrepreneur to achieve their goals by maintaining a strong relationship with his family and business.

Jeff Lopes’ podcast show, “Jeff Knows Inc.” contains many deep and inspirational conversations by successful businessmen for inspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. The unique entrepreneur podcast show has really added a lot of value to many entrepreneurs’ lives by helping them create a work-life balance.

The inspiring content of the podcast inspires every entrepreneur to work in a smart way to succeed in his personal and professional life. The conversations on Jeff Knows Inc. educate and motivate every entrepreneur to live a wealthy life full of freedom.

For this, Jeff Lopes suggests father entrepreneurs pursue their passion by creating a 3 tier goal plan, three, six, and twelve months and then create a step-by-step daily process to achieve them successfully. Additionally, the business coach asks entrepreneurs to work on creating a passive income source to create the right balance between their family and business.

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