Jean Fallacara: An Influencer with a strong mind

“A strong mind is the only weapon you need by your side”, A saying serial entrepreneur Jean Fallacara, founder of few success stories multimillion dollar corporations and innovator of Neuroscience Calisthenics ™ lives by. He makes the face of Cyborggainz, the social media influencer with a following of almost 220k. Born of a disruptive spirit and imaginative mindset, he’s been helping people achieve their fitness goals in an innovative manner: utilizing the power of the mind towards accomplishing personal goals, all while operating his biotech Group Z-Science. Taking fifth place in the Top 10 motivational influencers in Canada of 2020 as well as his blog appearing in the Top 20 Best Calisthenics Blog, Cyborggainz is on the rise. 

The Making of CyborgGainz

When asked about the road of success towards his achievements Jean Fallacara replies with: “It doesn’t only take dedication to achieve those goals, if that’s all it takes it would be impossible to make it to the top. Understanding of one’s self and the power we each hold within, confidence, determination and enjoyment are the true components of what will lead you towards the best possible version of yourself. There are no shortcuts.” He expresses how, though it sure isn’t easy, calisthenics is a sport he thoroughly enjoys and takes passion in. “My goal while pursuing his journey as a certified life coach is to not only inspire but to impact, I believe one happier person makes all the difference in the world we live in. It’s a job of passion, I do it because I care and that’s all it truly takes to make a difference.” He spent years building up his social media, using his years of research and knowledge to build up his platform, taking deeply into consideration his fans’ interests. Jean Fallacara now holds an interactive Instagram page in which he posts and engages daily, offering fans content such as videos, workouts, tips, facts and more. The brain body connection is a crucial aspect of the philosophy he adopted towards a scientific based workout. He uses science based facts and his extensive knowledge of neuroscience to support his workout plans and biohacks. His book Neuroscience Calisthenics, Hijack your Body Clock introduced in depth key concepts of neuroscience and its direct connection towards your athletic goals as well as a peak towards his member’s exclusive program: Train like a Cyborg, including everything from custom meals, customized workouts that adhere to everyone’s needs, teaching neuroplasticity in tune with the body, mindset tips and biohacks and a full Cyborg package, available in different price ranges. 

Business in Jean Fallacara’s World

From a tender age, Jean Fallacara holds a sharp mind and a fierce curiosity, together making a dangerous combination. The world was not yet ready for what he had in mind. He began his career in 1991 by joining ThermoFisher and working as a quality and products manager. He worked for 2 years in this company before leadership spiked his eye. He wanted to do more, making an impact in the world he lived in was a vital need in his mind at which his job no longer satisfied. In 1993, he started his first ever career as CEO and never looked back, founding Cleanearth Scientific Ltd, a global supply company in Montreal, Canada.  “Business is business you know? It’s difficult, it’s tenuous but there are lessons that you can’t learn any other way.” He expresses passionately. He worked for over 9 years at this firm, developing a deep passion towards this newly acquired role and gaining experience towards being a CEO. Finally, in 2004 he founded Z Science alongside his wife, a leading instrumentation distributor and ZSC1 specializing in laboratory equipment in 2012.  Jean Fallacara gained a number of real life experiences in science and technology alongside his multiple degrees in biochemistry and genetics, inspiring him to pursue his now patented concept Cyborg Gains.

Determination and Passion, the Key to your Dreams

After a number of life changing experiences, of ups and downs Jean Fallacara can now truly say he is at the best point in his life, though he doesn’t count on being satisfied just yet. He makes his life his own and does not allow society to impose a role on the way he chooses to live. Just as his program promotes, he will continue to work towards waking up everyday a better version of himself and inspires you to do the same. With all love and gratitude towards his fans, he hopes to continue helping more and more people love themselves by allowing them to reach their full potential with neuroscience calisthenics. He preaches that working out both the mind and body in order to achieve the best possible results. If there’s one thing to learn from him it’s that determination and passion, when used effectively together will always result in success. If engaging in a futuristic workout plan to transform you into a true Cyborg seems of interest to you, consider checking out his website for more information. 

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