Japan machinery orders fall most in eight months in worrying sign for economy

Japan’s machinery orders have fallen down majorly over the last 8 months- a worrying signal which showcases that worldwide trade tensions indeed are affecting corporate investment and also posing a doubt that strong local demand could help take off external pressure on the country’s exports.

Any kind of downturn in the business spending would affect prospects for steady wage growth as well as lower the hopes of the central bank that a solid economic recovery would instigate companies to increase wages and prices, thus helping to arrive at its aimed 2% inflation goal.

On Monday, the data by Cabinet Office revealed that the country’s core orders fell 7.8 percent in the month of May from the last month. This reading is the biggest downfall observed since last September and first time in the last 4 months.

The policymakers are now counting on the domestic demand in order to tackle risks like the Sino-trade dispute as well as decelerating global demand which may pose a threat of derailing the 3rd largest economy of the world.

Notably, the data comes in just a few days after the quarterly tankan survey by Bank of Japan revealed strong Japanese business expense plans, with huge companies planning to increase their capital expense plan by 7.4 percent till March 2020.

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