Jake Nicks Went From Knocking Doors To Sell A Trash Service To Selling Roofs In A Lamborghini

Having done over two hundred roofing deals in less than 8 months, Jake Nicks has managed to make millions of dollars by his mid twenties. And given that he was homeless just a few years ago, this has been quite an impressive accomplishment for himself.

We sat down with Jake to get a breakdown on what he believes has led to his massive success, and he has one word that he feels best describes his past few years.


“Rent is due every day, and you have to make the decision of how you are going to show up,” Jake explained. “When door knocking, you don’t know who you are going to talk to, but when you can set your attitude right and show up the way you know that you need to, you’ll be able to make amazing things happen.”

Jake Nicks started his door knocking business a few years back when he decided to sell a trash service to various neighborhoods. But by only charging $20, he wasn’t able to make too much of a profit. So when he decided to make the switch to selling new roofs to homeowners, a high ticket service, he already had the skill sets required to be able to sell something to someone.

Jake says that his secret sauce to getting someone to buy from him is that he comes from a place of serving the client. Instead of trying to go make the sale right away, he comes in and connects with the homeowner and tries to see things from their perspective.

“What most people don’t realize is that homeowners are already getting their doors knocked on numerous times a day. So if you are taking the same exact approach as everyone else, you are likely going to get the same exact result as everyone else. It’s when you do the exact opposite that you begin to get the exact opposite results.”

Given that Jake’s approach has made him one of the top door to door salesmen in the nation, his advice is likely something that people should take.

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