It’s an Influencers World And Rebecca Mcallister Owns It

When you’re feeling down in the dumps more than you thought was humanly possible where do you head to for some light relief?

We think Instagram might be the perfect place to find mental-influencers who will make you feel like you’re not alone!

Forget those perfect Instagram feeds full of avocado smoothies and gym routines, we are talking honest and raw discussions about mental health, inspiration for all those that fight to see another day.

Whether you need an inspiring quote to spur you on or advice on anxiety and depression some accounts are wonderfully varied and diplomatic.

Check out Rebecca Mcallister: from suicide to success as her Instagram reads.

Influencers are a powerful force and we cannot wait to share with you her blog. Never a more raw yet real place to visit for all those suffering from a good old case of the blues.

If you are establishing yourself as someone with a mental health problem  or if you are someone just looking to reach out for support then follow this girl right here @rebeccamacrm.

Rebecca who’s story isn’t a shy one opened up to the public late 2019 to tell the world she wasn’t ok and once fell down with suicide as her favourable option.

Now blogging from across the world Rebecca reaches out to thousands of people daily with guided support from councillors here4you urging for those struggling to seek help and speak out.

We managed to Skype with Rebecca from her home town in Manchester:

‘In 2020 we saved over 50 people from suicide and hope to save a lot more, it’s a hard time when you suffer with anything mentally draining, it’s even harder when your alone. Please contact anyone and make sure your not alone’

Rebecca who documents her moods, feelings and thoughts across social media has caught the eye of thousands since starting creating the movement for us all in knowing ‘it’s ok to not be ok’ inspired by those silent smiles it really does give us all a reason to wake up and give grace for another chance within those 365 days.

More info for the blog follow

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