Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia of Damaging its Oil Tankers

The heat just keeps increasing between the two countries. Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at each other’s throat since some time. But the issue hit the roof when oil Tankers of Saudi Arabia were attacked in September. US lent its support to Saudi Arabia and the atmosphere has been tense ever since.

Iran’s oil ministry shared pictures of the oil tanker Sabiti owned by National Iranian Company. They claim that the tanker was hit by missiles just a few miles off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Last Friday Iran accused Saudi Arabia of the missile attack on its oil tanker. But the adversary denied any involvement with the attack.

Apparently the attack caused damage to the two storerooms aboard the oil tanker. And it caused an oil leak into the Red Sea near the Saudi port city of Jeddah. Later the oil leak was fixed by Iran.

The footage of the leakage trail of the tanker was telecasted in Al Arabia channel. But it did not mention anything other than that.

Later the tanker returned to the Persian Gulf. But this incident did not go unnoticed by the Iranian President. Hassan Rouhani said that Saudi Arabia should not make the mistake of taking Iran lightly. He also warned that actions will be taken against this provocation. President made a bold statement when he said – “If a country thinks that it can create instability in the region without getting a response, that would be a sheer mistake,”. Saudi Arabia should buckle up for a response.

US showed its support to Saudi Arabia and blamed Iran for the Sept 14th incident. And when it heard about things heating up this week, on Friday Pentagon announced support. It mentions that  1800 US service members and some fighter jets should be sent to protect the country.

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