Introducing Sweet Vinyl by Dreamour

Dreamour, is a fragrance candle company founded during the COVID-19 era by the brainchild of entrepreneurs Karissa Rowe and Neal Klotsman. Founder, Rowe and co-founder, Klotsman, come from different backgrounds that have essentially fine-tuned them to create an innovative design-forward fragrance house. Rowe’s creative ingenuity is a product of the Parsons School of Design, while Klotsman orchestrates the business management and interior design skills gained from his successful ventures in luxury real estate. Dreamour was first conceived by Rowe on a simple yet abstract concept; creating fragrant sculptural glass candles. This approach was motivated by the lack of creative design in the candle and fragrance market. With the two co-founders complementing each other’s capabilities, Rowe was able to incorporate her creativity in graphic design to bring the product to life while Klotsman assisted with the product execution.

Founded at the intersection of functional art, Rowe and Klotsman’s goal of integrating artisanal design into the fragrance world started as a single sketch. Dreamour’s signature wavy glass design is inspired by the interplay of curvature and abstract silhouettes, resulting in a unique experience that enhances every space it is placed in. Every Dreamour candle is a delicately and thoughtfully hand-crafted artisanal object. Unlike the majority of mass-produced candles in the marketplace, Dreamour’s glass vessels are hand-blown by skilled glass artisans who dedicate their lives to their craft. Sweet Vinyl was born from passionate founders and skilled generational artisans to a market that yearns for fragrance candles that breathe life and sophistication.

Rowe and Klotsman ensured that fragrance formulation was not compromised in creating their fragrances. Every fragrance is meticulously crafted by master perfumers in Grasse, France – the homeland of perfumery. Sweet Vinyl, Dreamour’s first candle scent, is the result of sheer passion from the founders. Rowe and Klotsman worked with the perfumers to formulate a unisex scent designed with the consumer’s fulfillment in mind. Sweet Vinyl resulted in a homage to nostalgic memories. Crisp citrus top notes refresh and awaken the senses while a leather and musk base sparks your olfactory with a dense familiarity. Experience Sweet Vinyl exclusively by Dreamour. A scent that beguiles and enthralls any environment it is placed in. The idea behind the product is simple; it looks good, it smells good, and it’s an artwork that can be used as a décor piece at home to showcase elegance.

Dreamour is not a luxury brand due to the price of the product but due to the elevated artisanal touch entrenched in every product. It is the soul of the glass blowers personified, the savior faire of French perfumery that into a sculptural glass vessel, and the anecdote of two visionaries, Karissa and Neal, presented to all lovers of sophistication and luxury. Both Rowe and Klotsman are in the process of developing additional scents & new products that continue to bring a new design-forward perspective to the marketplace.

To stay in touch with Dreamour’s future innovative products and lines, you can visit the company’s website,, or follow the company via its Instagram handle @dreamourshop.

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