Incfile wins over LegalZoom and other LLC services

One of the best LLC services, Incfile, is great while starting a business as it saves money, offers great customer support and quick, thorough online business formation services. The service has been backed by excellent reviews from its users. The first year agent service is free after registration. Later on the user is charged $119 per year. LegalZoom charges $159 per year starting at the time of business formation so there is no free registered agent service.

LegalZoom appears to be a clear winner in the customer service area. The customer service offered by LegalZoom surpasses the hours made available by other platforms including Incfile. Their phone support line is open 34 more hours a week, with additional hours on weekdays and Saturday hours, outranking Incfile in the customer service department. Its ratings and reviews are also available on more platforms like SiteJabber (661 reviews, 3.3/5 stars).

Incfile processes the order the next business day as a standard package feature while providing a customer-focused approach. Having a fast processing makes a clear difference especially to decrease the turn-around times when starting a business.

But Incfile’s platform gains an edge over LegalZoom’s as it provides an ongoing dashboard for the clients once they start with their business.

Both the LLC services are user friendly and offer clean design and simple navigation tools. But among the LegalZoom vs Incfile formation services, Incfile comes out to be the winner, one of the reasons being the dashboard feature, as the dashboard becomes a central repository for important documents that the user can access at any time after their LLC formation.

LegalZoom asks customers to pay for different features whereas Incfile’s Operating Agreement and Employer Identification Number (EIN) services while costing less than LegalZoom also includes more premium business packages.

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