IncAuthority Voted a Better Choice than LegalZoom in terms of LLC Formation

IncAuthority and Legal Zoom are in the same business. However, there are a lot of similarities as well as differences between both of them. While both of them provide LLC services, customers like the service of one better than the other.

According to the Trustpilot reviews, Inc authority is a more trustworthy company than Legal Zoom when we compare LegalZoom vs Inc Authority. It is so because customers shared that Legal Zoom is a bit harder to contact than Inc Authority.

There are many similarities between Legal Zoom and Inc authority. One of them is both of them help with registering a business. And they also help with preparing formation documents. They help with obtaining an EIN. And they also ensure the company files all the proper documents.

Other than the similarities, there are also a lot of dissimilarities between the services. And that’s what sets Inc Authority apart from Legal Zoom.

Legal Zoom charges the company for Registered agent services while Inc authority provides free registered agent services for a year. And after that, charges a minimal fee for every year the registered agent is used.

Moreover, there is also the issue of Customer service. In the case of Inc Authority, customers feel they are quite easy to contact. And they pay attention to the customer and their problems. But in the case of Legal Zoom, they aren’t keen on making contact with the customers. If a customer has an issue, it is hard to contact them.

That’s why many people and companies prefer the LLC services of Inc Authority over Legal Zoom.

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