Improving the Native American Community Is The Aim Of Sunrise Native Recovery

The Native American community being improved and nurtured after the recovery is the basic aim of the Sunrise Native Recovery. They are dedicated to improving lives by giving their patients a nurturing recovery experience that is completely rooted in tradition. The treatments provided are evidenced based provided by veteran therapists and experienced professionals who work with the patients using a culture-specific curriculum.

The curriculum consists of treatments and methods where there are both individual and group therapy sessions. The founders prefer calling themselves as a community company as they provide treatments to uplift the whole community. Their dedication for the community shines through their work.

This native American rehab center exclusively treats the Native American population with the aim to rebuild and heal the communities through each of the patients. They provide long-term care, health and recovery by offering structured sober housing, nutritious meals and medical screenings from time to time throughout their treatment.

The mission is to build healthy Native American communities and strengthen families. When the individuals are healed from substance abuse, trauma, and co-occurring disorders the community gets uplifted. By providing the patients with excellent health and wellness they are empowering the community. The treatment consists of substance abuse treatment, community healing, elder teachings, and spiritual guidance which are all evidence based.

The patient’s treatment is top priority for the company, thus they are connecting with people who care, are ready to strengthen and rise above the weakness, are action and truths based. They want to grow and provide for the community and heal it.

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