While the world talks about the earthquake reality after the disastrous earthquake in Türkiye, Turkish Civil Engineer Levent Yenilmez makes important observations and warnings from a different point of view. Pointing out that Türkiye is an important supply and logistics center for European countries, Yenilmez stated that Türkiye’s earthquake safety is also of critical importance for Europe. Yenilmez said that the European Union countries should act together with Türkiye, take precautions against a possible Marmara earthquake and stand in solidarity with Türkiye.

Stating that the earthquake is not a disaster but a natural phenomenon, Levent Yenilmez draws attention to the fact that construction technology and scientific developments allow the construction of buildings that are resistant to the biggest earthquakes. Indicating that constructing earthquake-resistant buildings does not bring significant increases in cost, Yenilmez states that the cost increase of constructing a 40% safer building is 10% of overall construction costs.

European Countries Must Take Measures with Türkiye Against the Marmara Earthquake!

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Southeastern part of Türkiye on February 6th and caused heavy damage and also affected the European Union countries economically. Significant price increases occurred in many products, especially textiles, which Europe supplied from Türkiye. Drawing attention to the fact that devastating disasters such as earthquakes affects not only one country but also the region deeply, Civil Engineer Levent Yenilmez said that this was seen in the February 6th earthquake, and that precautions should be taken by taking action. 

Civil Engineer Yenilmez pointed out that Türkiye is an important supply and logistics center for European countries, and warned that “Türkiye’s earthquake safety is also of critical importance for Europe.” He said that an earthquake that will occur in the Marmara region, especially in İstanbul, will have devastating consequences for European countries as well as for Türkiye. 

Levent Yenilmez emphasizes that European Union countries should act together with Türkiye in order to minimize the possible destructive effects of the earthquake. Stating that buildings in Türkiye should be transformed with government controlled urban transformation and that the industrial establishments should come out of a possible earthquake with the least damage, Civil Engineer Yenilmez emphasized that Türkiye and European countries should work together, that a fund can be created for this purpose and that various options should be discussed in order to raise funds.

Earthquakes Are Not Disasters, They Are Natural Events!

Civil Engineer Yenilmez, who personally experienced the February 6th earthquake in Şanlıurfa province of Türkiye, puts forward a different perspective on earthquakes and states that the earthquakes are not actually disasters, but natural phenomenon like rain, snow, and wind. Levent Yenilmez said, “İt is a natural phenomenon like the movement of the cloud. This is how God created it, and it has wisdoms in it. He says “Earthquakes happen all the time. When we say earthquake is a disaster, we blame the earthquake. In fact, earthquakes are beneficial, something that should exist for the continuation of our lives. Why? Because metals come out to the earth with earthquakes. We obtain our mines as a result of earthquakes. The hot springs emerge as a result of earthquakes. Türkiye is rich in boron, boron reserves are quite high because Türkiye is a major earthquake zone. Therefore, we will not throw mud at the earthquake. Earthquakes have happened, will happen, and will continue to happen. The question we should concentrate on is why was the destruction so great?”

You Can Build 120-Storey Building in A Swamp!

Noting that the level reached by construction technology and scientific developments allows to build buildings resistant to the biggest earthquakes, MSc Engineer Yenilmez said, “If you get the right engineering service, allocate enough budget and build it properly, you can build a 120-storey building in a swamp. There is a method for this. You cross the swamp by piles, you land on solid ground, you socket your building there. You transfer the incoming loads from the foundation to the ground. Thus, you will have built an earthquake-resistant building.”

High-Rise Buildings Have Both Advantages and Disadvantages!

Stating that high-rise buildings have both advantages and disadvantages in terms of engineering in earthquakes, Civil Engineer Levent Yenilmez said, “The advantage is; the period of the building is rising, so when the earthquake waves come, the building oscillates. We call the elapsed time the period of building. The higher the building, the longer the period time. When period of building extends, the earthquake waves coming at that time are wasted, building dodges some of earthquake waves. Therefore, as the period increases, the exposure to earthquake decreases. But, when it is a low-rise building, it oscillates constantly. Because of this fact, it takes the full load of the earthquake that comes constantly. The disadvantage of high-rise buildings is as follows: As the building gets heavier, the earthquake load on the building increases.”

For %40 Safer Building Overall Cost Is Only %10!

Stating that constructing an earthquake-resistant building does not bring significant increases in cost, Levent Yenilmez said, “The load-bearing parts of building are the columns, the beams and foundations. Walls, paintings, ornaments are not of earthquake safety. Columns, beams and foundations are important for earthquake safety. These loadbearing parts of building are %25 of the entire construction cost. Let’s say you wishes ‘your building to be %40 percent safer’ the reflection of this on the total cost is %10 percent. Everyone accepts this cost in order to have a much safer place to live.”

Who Is Levent Yenilmez?

Levent Yenilmez, who is from Şanlıurfa province of Türkiye, is a MSc Civil Engineer. Having completed his undergraduate education at Denizli Pamukkale University, Yenilmez then returned to Şanlıurfa and started to practice his profession in 2013. He worked in various construction superstructure and infrastructure works. He completed his master’s degree at Harran University in 2017. In the same year, he started his PhD education. Yenilmez, who is about to complete his PhD, has regional recognition as an expert in his field with his professional experience of more than 10 years. 

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