Ignite Your Inner Fire with Positive Guidelines Laid Down by Rising Entertainment Icon, Leon Budrow

Covid19 has had a terrible impact on major cities, businesses, economies, and personal lives.  The virus has driven the entire world to a staggering lockdown  With the world as we knew it gone for a toss, and it can quite difficult to remain positive as we are surrounded by gloom and news of ailment.

During such depressive times, it takes every ounce of energy within us to remain positive.  Despite optimism being so difficult to find these days, Rising Star Leon Budrow lays down a few steps for us to stay positive during this time.

Like any other business, the entertainment industry is has taken a serious blow from Covid19. Leon Budrow’s performances and shows were equally affected by COVID19, which as a result he was forced postpone his winter tour and other projects in order to follow today’s new norms of social distancing and self-isolation.

While taking a step back from his entertainment endeavors, Budrow has been working a lot more with his GNC store.  As a strong advocate for the company, Leon personally uses a lot of products himself, such as immune boosting products like Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is imperative, but Budrow believes there is much more at stake than just physical health.  The world’s mental health is certainly taking a huge hit with all of the shut downs, which even Budrow admits is hard to handle.

“It really sucks not being able to live a normal life right now.  To not be able to see all of my friends or do the things I love, but every day I work hard to be a positive influence for others to follow, as I know things will improve.” Budrow states.

To maintain a positive outlook, Budrow has really taken this time to work on himself.  He has focused his energy towards self developmental activities, such as home workouts and listening to audio books.

“I try to quiet my mind as much as possible and work on productive tasks, such as physical fitness and mental nutrition.”

Budrow is a big believer in a clean and clear working space, and made it top priority to de-clutter not only his mind but his bed room and office area.  Budrow states that the process of literal spring cleaning has allowed him to feel more comfortable in his own space, thus maintaining a better outlook and productive agenda.

“I need a clean working space.  Clutter and disorganization really bothers me, so it was really important for me to make sure my environment was a healthy area for me.” Budrow states.

Leon’s fitness regime is also inspiring, as he is making the best use of his gym set up at home.

A setup which includes a full bench press weight set, dumbbells and kettle bells.  With more free time in this quarantine, he has been working often to reach his ideal body goal.

“I have gotten a lot stronger during the quarantine.” Budrow states.  “In fact, I think I am in better shape now than I was prior to the lockdown, other than my newly aching right shoulder from working out a little too much.” Budrow laughs.

Budrow mentions that he continues to motivate himself by maintaing a daily inventory of tasks to complete, as he begins his day with a solid morning routine, led by a fast paced kettle bell workout immediately upon waking.

“It’s kind of like a power hour.  A quick workout, followed by an audio book or motivational video to get ready for the day.”

Lately Leon has been listening to a lot of new music, and has been incorporating meditation into his nightly routine before bed, stating that calm meditational music helps rest his body and relax the soul after a long day.

Regarding his upcoming work in 2020, Budrow enlightens us that he has a few new songs he plans to release, just as soon as he can make a few minor adjustments to finish the projects.  “I can’t wait to begin recording again, hopefully I’ll have a lot more music for you guys soon.”

Budrow believes that the goal should not be to survive this rough patch, but to come out stronger.  A basic morning ritual can go a long way, just like a small act of kindness can redirect somebody’s day.  At the end of the day we are all in this together, and it is important to take care of ourselves, and each other.  In doing so, Budrow urges us to smile a little more, as brighter days are on the way.

His message hits like a fresh breeze, refreshing our search for a positive outlook.

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