Ibiza View Club & NFTs Continue To Grow & Gain Momentum

The Ibiza View Club can celebrate as the brand continues to grow with unique items on display. Made to support and display the vibrant and exotic Ibiza and its view, the club will launch high quality merchandise like apparels, accessories et al when the NFTs mint after being launched. There will be rare items available which will have shared ownership. This will bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world. Their NFTs that start at ETH 0.2 will in future be priced at ETH 0.5.

The Unique NFTs

The NFTs are community oriented and community centered with them having access to engage in the community with relatable content where they get every service at affordable prices.

The holders of NFT from the Ibiza View Club get unique, authentic views and experiences at Ibiza. Being versatile assets the NFTs are expected to appreciate at much higher value with time. The holders can enjoy luxury vacation in Ibiza with the success of the collection without financial compensation.

What Will NFT holders Gain In Future

The NFTs after getting established will soar higher in price. At a point a liquidity pool will exist, say the visionaries and innovators meaning the holders will be able to use proceeds and merchandise sales and commissions to buy the floor.

With the engagement  in the liquidity pool, the holders will have access to VIP passes of scenic views in Ibiza, tournaments, and season passes. There will be many more opportunities for the NFT holders as they will get to enjoy VIP tickets to Ibiza clubs, restaurants, and a discount for the monthly raffle. The services  included will be yacht excursions, hotels, VIP tickets for events and clubs, and the beach clubs.

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