I jumped on the NFT bandwagon and I can’t hop off, especially when it’s filled with the fluffiest pandas to hit the Crypto space

I’m sure by now you have heard about NFTs, non-fungible tokens that live in the crypto-space, only to be purchased with cryptocurrency. Projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins, amongst other digital creations, have been sweeping major headlines in publications like the NY Times. These same creatures have been gracing our presence on profile pictures, and changing lives, including my own. While scouring through countless projects online only a few captured my attention, one in particular is the upcoming collection entitled Red Panda Squad.

The Red Panda Squad consists of the fluffiest creatures to enter the Solana blockchain network. Each Red Panda was illustrated by Florida-based artist JK, and algorithmically generated into 10,000 unique variations randomly selected from over 2 billion possible Red Pandas. While quality art is important, you can not disregard the technical layer that supports an NFT project. Rest assured the Red Panda Squad has rigorously prepared for their mint day this Sunday, September 19th. They have run extensive testing throughout their network to ensure it can handle the highest level of traffic during launch.

Red Panda’s are considered to be very smart animals, living in the bamboo forests of the Himalayan and Heng-Duan Mountains safely away from humanity. There are fewer than 10,000 red pandas alive in the world today, but fortunately for us, RPS has taken it upon themselves to bring 10,000 of these fluffy creatures into the crypto space for all to adopt. To make it even sweeter, they plan to donate $100,000 to wildlife charity organizations that support endangered species such as red pandas. For every Red Panda that is minted for adoption they are donating $10.

Once the Red Panda NFTs have been minted, the first era of the Red Panda DAO will be initiated. Combining the metaverse with real world tangible items, the Red Panda Squad is building a global merch brand that will extend far beyond the worlds of cryptocurrency and NFTs. While the NFT market is relatively new, the development has been moving at an extremely rapid pace from advanced DeFi protocols to play-to-earn games, and RPS is here to bridge the gap.

The final step in the Red Panda Squad roadmap is to build value within the Solana blockchain through the development of the Red Panda Squad Game (RPSG.) Holders of the Red Panda NFT will be able to enter the metaverse to play and earn. Each NFT will gain access to RPSG where they can use their Red Panda to discover the planet of Solana. Within the game holders can make Red Panda friends, battle enemies, and gain experience on their panda. Users will be rewarded with their native SPL token. The Red Panda DAO will have a critical role in the development of the game. Decisions on the mechanics of the game as well as business aspects will be voted on by the members of the RPS DAO. Another major focus of the Red Panda Squad is helping the Solana ecosystem grow. Therefore the RPS has partnered with Mercurial Finance a liquidity platform for stable coins on Solana. The Red Panda Squad will not stop building partnerships and contributing to the Solana ecosystem’s growth.

The Red Panda Squad is proud to announce the placement of celebrity endorsements to roll out late 2021. As well as high-profile collaborations with artists such as SER aka Darren Cullen of the London-based Graffiti Kings, known for working together with Hollywood films such as Maze Runner. Through these partnerships they plan to give back to all Red Panda Squad holders by launching multiple giveaways, contests and RPSG community events.

Make sure to connect with Red Panda Squad on Twitter and Discord to stay up to date on announcements and new developments. You can adopt a Red Panda from the Solana blockchain on September 19th directly off of the Red Panda Squad website. Where you will find a well-explained how-to-buy article to make the process smooth for new collectors. Very shortly after the official launch you will be able to trade your red panda NFT on the most popular secondary marketplaces such as FTX US, Solanart, Digital Eyes, Magic Eden, and more in the future.

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