Hustlemantherapper is Ready To Make an Impact

Hustlemantherapper (​@hustlemantherapper​) is ready to make an impact in the rap industry. Also known by the name Jerry Rodriguez, the young rapper from Texas wants to leave behind a legacy completely his own.

Jerry is simply a man that loves music. You can see how passionate he is about his craft just by scrolling through his Instagram feed and watching some of his impromptu freestyles. He’s always been this way, though. From a young age he was always experimenting with different instruments, trying to create new melodies from scratch.

But it wasn’t until he realized he could monetize his talent that things starting gaining traction. He’s now signed to Atlantic records as a songwriter, producer, and engineer, with plans to release his own EP in the coming months. Right now, he’s focused on releasing singles to build the hype for his upcoming project. Recent release “My Wrist” showcased his lyrical ability and his style which he claims is “a mix of east and west coast.”

Jerry is not afraid to take inspiration from anywhere, and he doesn’t care to follow the hype or current trends within the hip hop industry. Instead, Jerry focuses on maintaining his originality, which he knows is easily lost in the hip hop industry. He believes that no one should get stuck in the box of trying to create mainstream hits. He believes that once you stop making music for yourself, you lose what makes you special.

Jerry claims that he simply makes music for himself and his friends and family. He knows that if his closest confidants like his creations, there will be plenty of mainstream appeal as well.

Jerry is quite the motivation for youngsters who are trying to break into the rap game. He does his best to show off what’s possible when you dedicate yourself to your dream. Taking a look at his Instagram, Jerry often poses with stacks of cash in front of luxurious cars and homes. He says this is to motivate people to pursue the American dream and to always keep hustling.

As for what keeps him motivated, Jerry says that he still hasn’t achieved everything he’s wanted. One day he hopes to tour the world and win awards for his music, so there’s no reason for him to lay off the gas just yet. Jerry knows that his dreams are big, and a lot of people will doubt his ability to achieve those things. But he says that his mindset is simply a lot stronger than most. He says that he has written his own

story in his mind, and that he doesn’t allow outside influences to change the way he thinks. He says that he is able to filter out any negative energy that would cause him to lose focus. We can definitely see how much this mindset has paid off already.

The kid from Texas hopes to one day use his talents to give back to the place where he got his start. He says that he would love to be recognized in his own community for doing things that help young kids become successful. He especially wants to influence kids that are artistically inclined. Mentioning that he would love to start an art community center in the future. He also wants to create a mentorship program in the hopes of showing young kids the ropes on what it takes to make it in any industry.

Jerry plans on making music for as long as he can. And even after his music career is over, he hopes to stay in the industry as a label executive or someone making plays behind the scenes. He knows that he will always have a passion for music no matter how old he is, and he hopes that he can one day look back on his legacy and know that he changed the music game forever.

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