HungryPanda Compiles A List Of Top Chinese Restaurants Worldwide

Restaurant business is among the most successful business models in the world. Owing to this, there has been a global restaurant boom. There are all kinds of cuisines to choose from. If you are a foodie then stepping out in the market means stepping inside the world of choices. Today, any average market has several food options. Malls have segregated food cuisine wise. This tells the tale of the popularity of restaurants globally.

However, the biggest worry of food lovers is the compromise on quality. For food lovers, quality is not reduced to the best ingredients. It also means sticking to the basics of any cuisine. The essence of the cuisine should not be lost in improvisations.

The rise of Chinese restaurants is unprecedented. Today, there are over 600,000 restaurants outside of China. For people who love Chinese food it is a treat. This rise in Chinese restaurants is because of the rise in the Chinese population outside of PRC. By the end of 2021 this population will reach 55 million. 

The rise of Chinese restaurants outside of China has been in accordance with the local brands. The local popular eateries and food brands have gone global and made it big. HungryPanda, the popular food delivering platform is one of the Chinese brands that has been successful outside of China.

There are several factors that go in favor of Chinese food’s boom. The biggest factor is speed. This is the same reason why McDonalds expands. The Turnaround Time between ordering the food and receiving it on a plate is very low for Chinese food.

Chinese restaurants have adapted to local produce very well. Some of the most popular noodles use local produce. All the ingredients can be sourced locally. Yet the taste is quite peculiar. Key aspects of Chinese food are Color and Aroma.

To achieve color and aroma restaurants use all kinds of colors and fragrances. This is the grey area. This is where the food can go all wrong if the ingredients chosen aren’t of the best quality.

HungryPanda is conducting an event of “Global Top Chinese Restaurants” for October. This will mark a long list of restaurants around the world. Participants list is huge. Over 200,000 food merchants specializing in Chinese food will be participating.

The event is truly global. It is being conducted in over 100 cities across the globe. This event will be conducted in 10 countries. The competition is strict and follows industry standard parameters.

Markers of the judgement are ‘Food Aroma and Taste’, Customer reviews and overall quality of food. To top the list a restaurant must be top notch in all these departments. HungryPanda has invited not just food merchants but also customers to give their feedback. This two way process will ensure that the end consumer also has a complete say in the process.

This will be integrated in the HungryPanda app and will help consumers to place an order. It will work in line with order placement. So, if a consumer places an order they’ll get suggestions from the app based on this survey. This survey will not only help the consumers to find the best restaurants but will also help the restaurants to have a wider research. Surveys suggest that such an effort can directly work in increasing the sales.

The Founder and CEO of HungryPanda, Eric Liu believes that such an event will help in bringing the best of the best to the consumers. This news is thrilling for Chinese food lovers as the biggest challenge they face is about choosing the restaurant.

With so many options available, the problem with choosing the right restaurant is quite taxing. Hopefully, this list will help the consumers make better choices quickly. This will also start a dialogue of compiling such lists with other cuisines as well. The relevance of such a list is quite high as it will help bring the perfect taste out. The best part of this list is that it involves a panel of experts who have tasted the real Chinese food back in the country. This means no more experimental Chinese food on your plate. So, you can comfortably forget that Chinese Pasta and focus on a real bowl of noodles.

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