How Rahul Wadhera became a successful self-made Entrepreneur

Rahul Wadhera is one of the well-known entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Rahul Wadhera is known for his amazing business work, strategies, and multiple business tactics. Rahul Wadhera has won one of the most prestigious awards, as the “Visionary Entrepreneur in Hospitality” in the year 2018. This award was presented to him by His Excellency, Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, The Honorable Cabinet Minister, The Minister for Tolerance, and the President of the UAE Genetic Disease Association. He is a self-made man, who has worked hard to achieve his goals and become successful in various different business fields.

Rahul Wadhera is overwhelmed by all the success, love, and support he gets for his business. Rahul has worked in several different business fields and it makes him happy to know that everything has worked out for him. It took him years of hardship and determination to reach the level of success he’s right now. He did not hesitate to take all the risk. Trying different businesses one after another is not something that everyone does. Fear of falling did not bother him or stop him from achieving his goals. And all the risk-bearing and the hard work finally paid off.

Rahul Wadhera started his business career as soon as he completed his masters in International accounting from the Royal Holloway University of London, in the year 2009. He started his company to export leather products in the international markets. Rahul Wadhera then ventured into the construction arena indulging in residential and commercial construction. He then started building apartments for all categories of people in Dubai. After earning his name in Dubai, Rahul then stepped into the hospitality business. Soon he was able to grow in this field too and now Rahul owns three lavish hotels in Dubai. Stylish Ramada Plaza Hotel Dubai, The Delmon Palace Hotel, and the Delmon Boutique hotel, each of these hotels are very famous and iconic landmark hotels of Dubai.

Rahul Wadhera always dreamt of living a kind of life that he’s now living. It wouldn’t have been possible for Rahul if he feared the risks. He was always an explorer by heart. He always tried to learn new things. “I can’t just sit and continue doing one thing, I keep thinking of new ways of doing business. Never stop learning. The more you learn, the better you become. Do not fear failure. You fall once but you get up becoming stronger”, says Rahul Wadhera.

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