How MESA Enterprises Is Revolutionizing Health And Safety For The Public With Thoughtful And Futuristic Software

The past few months were full of news of new COVID-19 strains, which have mutated with time, causing more health hazards!

We do not see the end of the pandemic anytime soon, even after almost one year since the beginning of the pandemic. This solidifies the famous phrase, “This is the new normal.”

This is not our first pandemic, and it probably won’t be our last. Because of this and other problems, people and companies are making efforts to build new systems and processes that can help us maintain everyday lifestyles both at work and home while being safe from all kinds of contamination. 

Are touch screens the answer?

Many companies are switching to touch screens to reduce human interactions but are inadvertently contributing to higher spread rates.

Yes! Touch screens are way more capable of spreading the virus compared to other ways of communicating with customers.

Let’s understand this with an example. You are at your favorite fast-food restaurant, and you order fries. Now, just like everyone, you enjoy eating fries when they are hot and just out of the fryer. You get the fries and start eating at the same moment.

As you eat your fries, whatever was on the screen when you placed the order is now in your and your child’s mouth. Also, whatever was on the hands of those who ordered before you goes directly into your mouth.

This is the same case with:

  •   Vending machines
  •   Self-checkouts on airports
  •   Movie theatres
  •   Public information kiosks
  •   And many other places

There are endless ways of contacting a virus at these places. Almost all of these screens will have users who won’t even bother to follow the rules and won’t sanitize their hands before and after using the screen.

Even if we take human error out of the picture in these scenarios, most places with touch screens are not even cleaned regularly. These screens must be sanitized to reduce the spread of viruses, but you will hardly get to see people sanitizing these! 

Responsibilities of companies

It is a company’s responsibility to provide a clean and safe environment for each of its customers.

The best efforts by companies that we get to see are hand sanitizers and sprays. Both hand sanitizers and sprays are not completely effective at killing all kinds of viruses.

In fact, viruses like the Norovirus cannot be killed with hand sanitizers!

What’s the solution?

All the above-listed problems with touch screens are only a fraction of things that should be taken care of.

You are at risk of contracting viruses and bacteria at every public place through various methods.

But, there is a solution that can solve all these worries by removing all touchpoints while doing the job, both for customers and companies.

Touch-free gesture-controlled purchasing platforms & engagements are the only way to reduce the spread from one person to another. Thanks to modern technological advancements, we have access to Software that can automate basic life tasks in public and private places without needing to touch anything.

MESA’s Software is the solution that is answering all concerns in these times.

 What is MESA’s Software?

MESA’s Software is a Touch-free and gesture-controlled platform that can be customized to the needs of any business.

Let’s understand the basics of its working:

  1. MESA’s Software displays images and videos on a screen, which keeps running in rotation.
  2. The welcome screen is triggered whenever a person comes in close vicinity to the screen.
  3. The person can access information, messages, and the navigation menu, including search options, by moving his/her hands.
  4. After making a selection, the person views a landing page, which displays the business’s information, including QR codes for re-engagement.

There is no touch involved whatsoever in this process.

QR codes for more information

MESA’s Software also gives the option to integrate QR codes on all screens, which aid the process of sharing information such as websites, documents, and more.

This also increases the brand recall for companies and ease of access for consumers. The user can access the information at any point in time.


MESA’s Software is the ultimate solution for companies and other establishments looking for ways to further ensure its patrons’ and individuals’ health and safety.

With no touching involved at any stage of the communication process, MESA’s Software can be used for:

  •   Automated ordering at Fast food chains
  •   Automatic check-ins and checkouts at hotels and airports
  •   Public information kiosks
  •   Marketing screens for companies in public places
  •   Automatic check-ins and checkouts at Hospitals
  •   Self-help kiosks at various places
  •   Any place where there is a need for automated communication with people

MESA is the answer to the pandemic problems and a way of creating safe and healthy environments for us all!

 To know more about MESA; 

You can check out the website –

To talk to the team directly, you can call them at 1-844-637-2224.

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