How Jessica Tutino Went From ‘Hall Of Fame’ Town Girl To Trailblazing Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur

In the early 90s, Jessica J Tutino was born on a farm in Canton, Ohio, into a family of five children. Growing up, her aspiration was always to be in a career that would allow her to help people. This ambition, fueled by one of her father’s favorite sayings, would eventually propel her to not only live her dream but to do it entirely on her terms.

Today, Jessica is the founder of General Management Team, where she conducts full turnkey operations and consulting for new and established MMJ brands across the United States. However, this success did not come to be overnight.

Jessica Tutino started her career in pharmaceuticals and subsequently chose to focus on medication and healing.

“I went to college to be a Pharmacist and started as an intern at Mayo Clinic in Arizona after school. I spent eight years in pharmacy before deciding to be more involved in symptom management and medication creation. In late 2015, I switched to Medical Marijuana, where I’d be able to do both.”

Suffice to say that Jessica’s medical background has propelled her new career and brand further than even she expected. With her expert eye, she was able to assess the industry and immediately sense an opportunity.

“After working for some of the biggest and best brands in Arizona, Vegas, and Colorado, I felt like something was missing,” Jessica comments. “  My dad always told me don’t be a one-trick pony, but it seemed the market was built that way.”

Jessica realized that many players in the industry chose to specialize. She decided to change that.

“Everyone had their one niche and focused on that one thing only,” she says. “ I set out to make a brand that was a one-stop-shop. Everything from production equipment, consulting on all consistencies down to marketing, media brand presences, and the overall creation of the brand the client envisioned.  That is what GMT is.”

Within a relatively short period, Jessica has grown GMT into a powerhouse that can not be ignored within the Arizona CBD and MMJ business circles.

“We have worked to create brands like Item-9 Cannabis Creations, Natures Wonder Dispensary, The Flower Shop, Orion Remedy, and Lit Cannabis. Our brand handles the creation, start-up, marketing, production, and consulting of clients and their products. Our services are incredibly flexible. We can be a completely hands-on turnkey operation or just a helping hand when needed,” GMT Founder Jessica Tutino comments.

Jessica and her team at GMT constitute an incredibly timely addition to the thriving market. There is little wonder that they are enjoying so much success.

“We are a one-stop-shop of branding, creations, marketing, packaging, production, and SOP forming, so we make any business owner feel almost free of all obligation as we try to ease most of the natural stress of owning a business.”

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