How James Khuri Built His Way Up to the Top of the Business World

Success has always motivated James Khuri in everything he has ever done. Throughout his life, he sought to keep climbing higher and achieving his true potential. James is continuously striving to unlock more and succeeding in every business endeavor he takes on.

You could say that James loves wheeling and dealing. Business is his passion, and it shows. He loves the satisfaction that experiencing success brings. The areas that he has chosen to focus his efforts on are real estate, brick and mortar distribution, and eCommerce.

Today, James Khuri’s success can be best seen through FJ Holdings and Khuri Enterprises. These two companies are the lifeblood of James’ success, and their continued growth is a testament to his business acumen.

Khuri Enterprises is his real estate holding company that specializes in multi-family and commercial real estate. Having a hand in both residential and commercial real estate has ensured James stays well-positioned against seasonal and market downturns in either one. James’ story of how he went from being the new kid on the block to owning the block is one that demonstrates his unabashed determination to succeed.

It all started when he purchased Class A medical space. From there, he expanded into buying up massive commercial and multi-family buildings. Today, James and his real estate business both own and manage several complexes in New York and California.

James didn’t simply follow what others do in real estate. He made a concerted effort to pay attention to the needs of tenants in his real estate holdings. This most personal long-term working relationship strategy has proven to be incredibly well-received, admired, and appreciated. Thanks to unique industry expertise, Khuri Enterprises is able to stay highly efficient and competitive in an ever-changing industry and landscape.

James’ other major company, FJ Holdings, is a category manager of trading cards and related accessories. It mainly focuses on distributing, servicing, and managing many different kinds of merchandise lines for industry-leading manufacturers of trading cards. This highly popular gaming niche has proven to be very successful for Khuri, achieving such clients as Pokemon, Konami, Topps, and others.

As with Khuri Enterprises, James has cemented a guiding principle of developing and maintaining strong working relationships with clients and vendors. The results, again, speak for themselves. James has seen his company’s sales and merchandising objectives become met and surpassed. FJ Holdings has become so successful that it now counts among its retailer clients such companies as FYE/TransWorld Entertainment, Books-A-Million, Wegmans, and others.

Today, FJ Holdings is a pioneer distributor of trading cards on a Pay-On-Scan basis. The company’s unique industry expertise and dedication to continuous improvement have placed it at the top of the trading cards industry.

James Khuri achieved all of this success by staying motivated and determined to become the best at whatever he applied himself to. It’s not hard to see that this still holds true for James today. You can keep up with James on Instagram here.

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