How Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers Helped Bring One Young Family Closer Together

NEW YORK, NY /  Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers transform lives and bring families closer together. Many parents and family members have concerns when they notice a child exhibiting developmental disabilities. But the experts at these centers know how to transform these concerns into hope. 

The Story of Brianne, Corbin, and Family

Hopebridge has had success bringing families closer together for years. One example is in the story of Brianne and her son Corbin. Corbin was diagnosed with autism shortly after turning two. Brianne looked for available treatment options near her new home in Cincinnati, Ohio, and found a Hopebridge Center.

Brianne is a licensed family and marriage therapist with three sons. She put her profession on hold to care for her children, but her therapy expertise wasn’t quite what Corbin needed. He requires full-time ABA therapy, which would be impossible for Brianne to provide while caring for her other children. 

When Brianne first brought Corbin to Hopebridge, she explained that he rarely sat still. He was a little pinball, bouncing from one place to another.

Corbin’s Progress

Brianne, Corbin, and their family have seen incredible progress working with Hopebridge. Brianne attends parent training weekly and reports back on the successes she sees at home. 

Corbin is now potty trained, sits to eat his meals, cleans up after himself, and can sit still for 10 minutes straight. He uses PECS and sign language to communicate. 

Corbin’s progress allows Brianne to spend the necessary time with her other sons too. She now volunteers at their schools and helps her husband at the church where he works. The progress Corbin made and is still making at Hopebridge allows Brianne the time and energy necessary to care for and bond with the others in her family too. 

A Refuge for Parents

Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center does far more than help children with autism reach their full potential. Providing care for children on the autism spectrum can be demanding, and sometimes parents need refuge too. Hopebridge Centers provide a place for parents to receive therapy for their child and form lasting bonds with other parents facing similar challenges. 

Many parents or caregivers enter Hopebridge feeling afraid and alone. They feel isolated from other parent groups because their children do not always interact well with others. Hopebridge encourages parents to meet others who experience many of the same challenges. The children bond, and many times, their parents bond too.

Hopebridge brings families together and helps create new, lifelong relationships too.

Learn More About Hopebridge

Hopebridge Centers are around the country, from Alabama to Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee, and many cities and states. Log onto the Hopebridge website to learn more about the organization or to find a center near you.

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