How entrepreneur Ali Meshksar is building success for EA Home Design by sharing his passions online

Entrepreneur and industry veteran Ali Meshksar has set himself apart in the remodeling business by showcasing his passions online.

Co-founder of EA Home Design, the successful entrepreneur has built an online following after he decided to share his passions for the craft via Instagram. With a simple idea, Ali along with his business partner Kevin, started releasing short videos about their business, highlighting their passions for interior design. With this in mind, the company was quickly able to build an audience of people who shared the same interests in home decor, creating viral awareness for their brand on the web.

Through short videos and showcasing his latest design projects, Ali was able to create significant awareness and intrigue around his favorite subject. This in turn brought him closer to his potential clients, and enabled the entrepreneur to scale up his business and reach new audiences.

Prominent entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Elon Musk have long used social media to build their brands, but they’ve also revealed their own passions, and in doing so, built loyalty in their communities. For Ali Meshksar, his enthusiasm and drive for interior design has come across in an authentic and shareable way, helping him to get his ideas and his unique way of doing business across to homeowners who are looking at renovating their homes.

Like many entrepreneurs exploring the power of social media, Ali has been discovering how to use the latest technologies whether its social media or video apps to reach audiences interested in interior design. By revealing his passions and bringing across his message directly, Ali has propelled his business and enabled EA Home Design to amass a large online following – helping the company to gain more traction with homeowners, and now reaching over 100,000 internet users. With a growing community the business is creating brand affinity throughout social media and giving itself a competitive advantage.

Are you sharing your passions to build your online success?

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