How Did Dr. Lennox Superville Pass GCE – Level Examination In Challenging Times?

All students gain education in school, but not all of them are considered good students. Teachers and other members of staff evaluate pupils based on a variety of criteria. A good student, in general, is someone who respects others, observes the rules, and is eager to learn. A person must be a good student in order to thrive in life.

A good student does not have to be a top student with a high I.Q. but is the one who possesses a plethora of great personality qualities and critical skills.

Dr. Lennox Superville And His Early Studies

Dr. Lennox Superville was born in Fyzabad, Trinidad, on June 10, 1942. Dr. Lennox Superville was seven years old when he heard the heartbreaking news that his mother had died of a heart attack while attending Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. School in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

This news shocked and devastated Dr. Lennox Superville to his core. Of course, none of these can take away a child’s grief at the loss of his mother. Dr. Lennox Superville’s heart still breaks every time he recalls this incident.

Dr. Lennox Superville was 13 years old when he enrolled at Osmond High School 5th Street San Juan, Trinidad, and Tobago, to study for the General Certificate Examination (GCE) O’ Level exams.

He didn’t allow anything to stand in his way of passing multiple GCE O’ Level subjects. Dr. Lennox Superville then began teaching at Immanuel’s High School Barataria, T&T, in 1961, primarily as a Mathematics teacher.

Dr. Lennox Superville’s ambition, however, was not simply to retire as a teacher. He traveled to New York City, USA, on August 28, 1966, to pursue his Ph.D. in Mathematics. In 1970, he received a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from Hunter College in New York City, followed by a Master of Arts in 1972. He then finished the arduous job of receiving a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1978, making him the first Trinidadian American to do so at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). “Various Aspects of Max Algebra” is the title of his Doctoral Thesis (Notices of The American Mathematical Society, Volume 25, Number 6, Pages 353 – 460, A—569-A-692).

Here are some of the tips that may be useful for you if you are preparing for the GCE O-Level exams. 

Tips For Preparing For GCE O-Level

Stop Assuming that GCE O-Level is Difficult

This is the first thing preventing you from beginning to prepare for your GCE O-Level exams. This worry comes from your acquaintances or misleading information websites on the internet, and you should cease trusting them if they are demotivating you in any way.

Don’t Go Overboard

Overburdening yourself with hours of studying is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Do you believe it is vital to study for hours on end? The answer is unequivocally NO! It would be best if you never put too much pressure on yourself during your studies because it will simply make you nervous about your preparedness. Furthermore, doing so may cost you your sleep, which is a critical component of your mental wellness.

Maintain a Flow

Aren’t we all easily distracted when attempting to study? Assume your GCE O-Level exams are approaching, and you receive a PS5. Would you be able to keep yourself from playing video games? No! Also, don’t even try to vary your study and sleep routines because this can have a negative impact on your exam results.

It would help if you continued to practice things that are familiar and routine so that your body and mind are not exposed to something new. If you don’t interrupt your flow, you’ll receive the best scores in your final GCE O-Level exams. 

Stop pondering and start implementing this incredible O-Level preparation technique to pass with excellent grades.

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