How Call Me Hood Become A Viral Phenomenon In Music and Social Media

David Mitchell is an American musical artist, musician, producer, director, entrepreneur, actor, investor, and online personality best known by his stage name Call Me Hood. He is mostly recognized for his rap songs, prank phone calls, and comedy videos. Call Me Hood began his singing career in 2015 and quickly achieved recognition for his music style, which resonates with fans. His creative expression in popular music has been influenced by 2Pac, Baby Keem, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Kendrick Lamar, and others.

His music has been accessible on YouTube and all major digital music streaming services, including Spotify and iTunes, from the very beginning. Call Me Hood also uploads videos of prank phone calls, which have gained popularity on YouTube.

Call Me Hood was born in Omaha, Nebraska on February 19, 1993. Since his youth, he has found inventive methods to interact with technology and video games. From the time he was in elementary school, he was always the best-dressed student and chose his clothing the day before. Call Me Hood was similarly passionate about music, but he believed that becoming a rapper is difficult.

Call Me Hood had goals of being a rapper since his school days, but he gave up music to concentrate on generating YouTube gaming videos. Within a year, he was able to get 200,000 YouTube followers to his channel. The desire to become a musician finally caused him to lose interest in producing game videos for YouTube.

Kendrick Lamar, a rapper gamer who achieved popularity for his original sound and rap tracks, prompted him to leave YouTube. Call Me Hood discovered that being a rapper is simple and that he must have confidence in himself. He acquired studio equipment using funds from his YouTube channel.

His whole career was revitalized when he met one of his heroes, Baby Keem, who reached out to Call Me Hood on Instagram. Since then, Call Me Hood has been expanding his fanbase and advancing his career. In 2022, Call Me Hood founded his own record company, Share fruit records LLC, and began creating, engineering, and editing his own instrumentals and song videos.

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