How Buying a Tablet Will Change Your Smartphone Experience

Today, there are practically no people who do not have a smartphone, or the desire to buy one, especially since the market is literally overflowing with good and not so good offers from various brands of various capacities and capabilities, but everyone has a chance to get their tool in the world of technology.

A smartphone is primarily a tool, namely:

  • Means of communication.
  • Entertainment and knowledge.
  • Earnings.
  • Games.

Against the backdrop of all the possibilities – the phone has one drawback that will be significant for someone, and someone will not pay attention at all – this is the screen size, which smoothly brings us to the tablet market.

The tablet is an exact copy of a smartphone with a number of stripped-down functions for calls and full-fledged filming, but people who use a large and bulky tablet for these purposes raise more questions than answers.

The most important goal and goal of the tablet market is education and entertainment, as well as games, but on a larger and more convenient screen.

What you need to know about the tablet

Regardless of which brand and tablet OS you choose, you will find several restrictions, namely:

Not all applications with Windows are implemented for the tablet system – first of all, this applies to games that do not have adaptations – you will not be able to start crown of sorrow carry in Destiny 2, but you can watch the walkthrough on YouTube.

The device has more weight and dimensions, which means you need to properly transport it and buy a case so as not to scratch it.

The tablet has its own set of games and some of them are exclusive.

The tablet will change your life – you just need to have the Internet at hand – either access to Wi-Fi, or the ability to distribute it to yourself.

And that’s all – you have unlimited access to educational and entertaining content, games – simple and advanced, music and other multimedia projects.

For the most part, a tablet is a replacement for a smartphone and all its best features – including books that can be more conveniently scaled and read while developing on the road or at home.

How to choose a good tablet and selection criteria

You need to focus on the following criteria:

  • Screen
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Autonomy
  • Charging speed


You can choose from current offerings from TFT, IPS, or OLED. They differ in picture quality, color rendering, eye impact and color distortion when position is changed.

TFT is an outdated technology that is rarely used in tablets of the medium and expensive segment due to poor quality compared to IPS and OLED. You need to watch closely because some manufacturers continue to put DFT in some of their mid-range solutions, such as Samsung.

IPS is the best option in terms of color reproduction, the average price for such a tablet. Such screens are also distinguished by high energy efficiency.

OLED is an expensive but very colorful screen that is installed in expensive solutions for tablets.

By choosing IPS, you get a good and colorful screen without having to overpay and look for a model with OLED technology.


The second factor that affects the speed and pace of work and the possibility and support of heavy games.

It is better to choose the newest possible processor from Snapdragon, or Mediatek. Or time-tested like the 870 version.

Remember that the processor in combination with RAM directly affects the speed of working with programs and games, and you should not save on them.


In addition to the processor, which ensures the stability of the system and heavy games and programs, while allowing for split-screen support in many usage scenarios.

Ignore models with less than 6 GB of RAM, unless of course they are representatives of the Apple brand, where the system is optimized so that even 4 GB is like 6-8 GB on android.

The ideal option is 8 GB of RAM. It is suitable for heavy games like Genshin Impact and has a reserve for a few more years in terms of hardware and component capabilities.


The longer the device can work without additional recharging, the better, so always pay attention to the number of milliamp hours that the manufacturer claims. Of course, the usage scenario also plays a role – games and content always take more than reading books.

Charging speed

A tablet is a device that is more often used on the road, or without being connected to a power source, but the charge depends on the usage scenario, so sometimes you need to quickly replenish the charge at least partially, for further use without a wire, because charging itself heats up the battery, and It is better not to use the device during power recovery.

The more powerful the device supports charging, the faster the charge will be replenished – the fast charging technology that famous brands like Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Oppo and so on have is also taken into account.

Choose a tablet that supports at least 33W charging, otherwise you will simply generate a charge for too long, and it will take up to 3 hours to fully restore the autonomy of the device, which is insanely long in modern realities.

Some manufacturers give a speed of 10W, so you should pay attention to the parameters and characteristics of the device. The ideal option is 67W, but there are still few devices that support such charging, and they are already much more expensive, or are exclusive to China

Conclusions on the use and selection of the tablet

A tablet is an optimal device that continues and complements the functionality of a smartphone and, in fact, takes all the multimedia and educational component and transfers it to a larger screen.

You need to find the best solution based on usage criteria and your budget to get a fast, autonomous, and most importantly optimal device for gaming and content absorption.

Do not chase the most expensive device, but also do not exchange for the cheapest offers, because they will only spoil your eyesight and cause discomfort with their slowness and inability to cope even with the simplest tasks.

Do not be greedy and buy a case – it has a stand, which will greatly simplify the work with the tablet on a table or soft surface.

Carefully read the specifications and bundle before buying – there are situations when the manufacturer puts a weaker charging block in the kit than the device supports and by purchasing an adapter for a few dollars, you can greatly simplify your work and extend the autonomy of the tablet.

If you draw – choose a model with a stylus and a keyboard for working with text.

Do not use the device while charging, or carefully monitor the temperature so as not to cause serious overheating, failure, or even an explosion – such cases, although rare. but meet. Working while charging is strongly discouraged by all manufacturers of tablets and smartphones.

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