How Brio-Medical Is Changing Cancer Treatment

Dr. Nathan Goodyear, medical director of Brio-Medical, says one word is disrupting cancer treatment: integration. Under his direction, Brio-Medical integrates patients’ spirits, minds, and bodies into the healing process. Next, his clinic integrates short-term targeting of cancer and long-term healing. Finally, it integrates natural, holistic, integrative, and conventional therapies to maximize their combined effectiveness.

How Brio-Medical takes an integrative approach to oncology

As Dr. Goodyear explains, the French origin of the word “integration” implies bringing together parts of a whole, and the Latin roots imply renewal and restoration. Combining this with the Hebrew word “Rāphè” — which means “physician” or “healer” — demonstrates what doctors at Brio-Medical do as integrative physicians. They are healers working to renew and restore the body as a whole. 

“Healing begins with the integration of a person’s spirit, mind, and emotions,” Dr. Goodyear says. “After all, disease itself is best understood in its historical context, ‘Dis-aise,’ or the lack of wellness. Our mind, psychology, and emotions all contribute to our body’s overall wellness or lack thereof.”

Dr. Goodyear observes that thousands of people deal with stressors and trauma that create an environment favoring diseases such as cancer. For example, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a stress response that ripples through a person’s body function with real physical symptoms.

Fear creates an environment that can give birth to diseases like cancer and perpetuate their growth. To address these diseases, it is necessary to address the negative emotions behind them. Unfortunately, conventional oncology offers an approach that not only fails to address fear, but drives it.

Conventional medicine attacks cancer as if the tumor were an alien invading a host body. In the short term, these treatments can work because it is far easier to target a tumor for elimination than to heal the body. But, at what cost?

Surgical tumor reduction enables treatments to be more effective, but surgery can also cause the metastatic spread of cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation shrink tumors, but also destroy the immune system. When Brio-Medical integrates these conventional cancer therapies with holistic cancer therapies, they target the tumor and heal the body simultaneously.

“Just look at how often cancer returns after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation,” Dr. Goodyear remarks. “Targeting the tumor may work for a while, but changing the tumor’s environment by healing the spirit, mind, and body achieves life-long wellness. The ultimate goal of a physician is to heal, not to target a disease. Our target is wellness, not disease.”

An integrative approach revolutionizes conventional cancer treatment

The art of healing dates back to the origins of medicine. This art involves the innovative, out-of-the-box application of therapies.

“The art of healing is a common phrase implying that physicians are part scientists and part artists,” says Dr. Goodyear. “In the last 100 years, science secured its place at the heart of medicine. The focus on science exponentially advanced medicine, but the art has been lost. Physicians have forgotten how to heal, how to promote wellness, and how to make whole. We have forgotten our purpose because we have forgotten our way.”

Where medicine lacked advancement without science, so too does medicine lack elevation and innovation without art — one cannot exist without the other. By returning medicine to its original purpose, the patient, Brio-Medical embraces both the science and art of medicine.

What sets Brio-Medical apart in cancer treatment today?

Evidence-based, precision therapy stacking separates Brio-Medical from other cancer treatment centers today. Therapy stacking refers to the practice of combining different therapies in a specific combination and sequence to maximize their physiologic impact. The goal is to synergize and maximize treatments across emerging fields like genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, immunomodulomics, hormonomics, and microbiomics.

The integration of precision therapies is the future of cancer treatment. It can include integrating nutrition with intravenous therapies, supplements with repurposed medications, natural, holistic intravenous therapies with conventional intravenous therapies, immunotherapy with different intravenous therapies, and many variations on sequencing these therapies together. This approach is a radical paradigm shift from the one-size-fits-all treatments that dominated medicine during the last century to a new era offering personalized treatments tailored to each patient’s needs.

Conventional medicine has attempted to treat cancer with one magic bullet for the last 100 years, but an integrative approach to cancer allows evidence to lead the way. The science of medicine is the foundation, and the art of medicine is the innovation that builds atop it. 

Ultimately, Brio-Medical differentiates itself from other cancer treatment centers today by stacking natural, holistic, and integrative therapies to simultaneously target cancer, support the immune system, and heal the body.

Brio-Medical offers game-changing treatments

Individual, game-changing therapies available at Brio-Medical, under Dr. Nathan Goodyear’s leadership, include evidence-based application of high-dose intravenous applications of vitamin C, curcumin, quercetin, artemisin/artesunate, melatonin, mistletoe, boswellia, ozone therapy, and many other medications. The clinic also offers a holistic and integrative application of low-dose metronomic chemotherapy with insulin potentiation and other targeted therapies.

Other exciting cancer treatments at Brio-Medical include hyperbaric oxygen, local hyperthermia, whole-body hyperthermia, photodynamic endo laser therapy, photobiomodulation therapy, sonodynamic therapy, pulse electromagnetic field therapy, and peptides in precision-base immuno-molecular augmentation. Finally, Brio-Medical offers medical cannabis to treat the quality-of-life issues accompanying cancer, such as pain, sleep, anxiety, and poor appetite.

Holistic approaches like nutrition, energy medicine, acupuncture, and herbal therapies have massive impacts on cancer therapy, but the actual game-changing treatments provided at Brio-Medical involve evidence-based, precision therapy stacking. Delivering therapies in the proper sequence, the right combination, for the right person, with the right cancer, at the right time is the future of cancer healing.

“A cancer diagnosis always comes with hope,” concludes Dr. Goodyear. “Whether it’s Stage 1 or Stage 4, there is the potential to heal. A physician’s job is not to tell an individual what their body can’t do, but to tell them what their body can do, support it, and let it decide how far it can take the healing process. Hope and healing guide the work we do at Brio-Medical. This work can only be achieved through a natural, holistic, and integrative approach to cancer care.”

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