Here’s How Photographer Pedro Rolle Jr Turned His Passion Into A Successful Career!

Pedro Rolle Jr is an outstanding photographer who turned his passion into a huge success. From childhood, he was amazed with how the pair of lenses help one to permanently capture a moment or a memory. He got attracted towards pursuing photography because he saw how his mom and grandfather would often carry a camera with them to snap the memories forever.

Today, Pedro Rolle Jr has created a reputation for himself as a successful entrepreneur, a nuanced photographer and a creative mind. When asked what photography means to him, PRJ said, “Photography to me is looking at what’s in front of you, imagining what it could be and trying your best to show the world what that image was in your head. Always something awesome and breathtaking.”

What started as a childhood hobby has now made Pedro Rolle Jr as one of the best photographers in the world. From clicking pictures of friends, family, nature during childhood to having his work published in magazines, top publications and more, PRJ has come a long way in his career. He shared the reason why he decided to make photography as a profession.

Pedro says, “I’ve been taking pictures since I was in high school. Maybe even before that. There’s this picture of me when I was about 5 or 6 years old taking a picture of my shooting partner with one of those toy cameras! I thought it was so funny. I never expected it to be my primary profession but when people started paying me to shoot them I dropped everything.”

All this hardwork and maintaining his creative approach and having an eye to capture something simple in a beautiful way has helped Pedro Rolle Jr to launch his own website. Today, he works with top models, brands and does cover shoots for big organisations. His website ‘’ features all his amazing works of all time. One can also take a look at his clicks on his social media pages –

Instagram: @PedroRolleJr

Twitter: @PedroRolleJr

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