Helping brands turn into huge online entities – Simone Ferretti.

Passion can realise the biggest of dreams, and that’s been proven by this young man. Read on to know more.

Attaining success is in our hands and it is not an impossible task if one is willing to go the extra mile. How do you achieve it depends entirely on what amounts of hard work you are willing to put in, backed by loads of self-belief and focus on your goals. We have many such individuals who have attained a glorious career and stand as a true example of how one should lead their lives and turn it into a raging success. Talking about such gems reminds us of Simone Ferretti, who has aced in his professional life as a model, online coach and social media influencer and has taken over the world of internet by storm. His popularity has reached to such astounding levels that some of the world’s biggest brands like Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong, Xiaomi and many more have joined hands with him to reach a humongous audience base spread globally. Reaching success at such short periods is indeed an achievement which can only be accomplished with sheer focus on getting things right on track.

Reaching the pinnacles of success is a task which only a few are capable of; Simone is one amongst the few. We are curious to know how can one get to such towering heights, is there any secret formula that gets you there? “No, not at all,” replies Simone who strongly feels that it’s just dedication, sheer hard work, and of course a bit of luck, which is always welcome in any moment of our life. What does success mean to him, actually? He says, “the definition of success differs from person to person and in my case, success is all about winning clients and strengthening their branding as I believe that their glory automatically depicts mine.” Success is sweeter when achieved in the space you’re passionate about, as that makes a lot of difference.

He followed his dreams and achieved what he desired, be it being a successful model sweeping the ‘Mr. Italy’ title on the second place or acing in the digital field as a social media influencer. He picked up the right path and is extremely happy to have followed his dreams. His true advice to people is that none should let setbacks and challenges break his/her confidence. Instead, embrace the failure and try to learn as much as possible from it. Keep moving ahead and stay focused on the process. If you keep persevering, one day you will emerge victorious.

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