Harvard Suspends Roland Fryer, Star Economist, After Sexual Harassment Claims

Roland G. Fryer, a celebrated economics professor at the Harvard University has been suspended for a period of 2 years, effective immediately, after multiple women claimed sexual harassment allegations and internal probes were initiated.

On Wednesday, the varsity announced about the administrative leave (without pay) as well as other sanctions against 42-year-old Fryer which includes closure of his Education Innovation Laboratory (EdLabs)- a prime spot of most of the sexual harassment allegations.

The announcement comes in almost a year after a former research employee accused Fryer of sexually harassing her at EdLabs. Later on, many women came forward and claimed similar accusations. In fact, a few of the allegations date back a decade.

All of these complaints were filed with the Title IX office.

After reviewing the formal accusations, the varsity discovered that Fryer created a hostile workspace over the years by getting involved in unwelcome sexual conduct towards many people. The University also found that he violated the faculty’s sexual harassment policy.

As per the terms of Fryer’s administrative leave, he wouldn’t be allowed to teach, supervise or carry out research involving university’s resources. If he happens to return after two years, Fryer wouldn’t be allowed to advise or supervise the students and will just teach undergraduate courses but subject to supervision by one Title IX trained individual.

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