Gunawan Jusuf, CEO of Sugar Group Companies, Signs a Joint Venture Agreement to Save Indonesian Energy

Gunawan Jusuf, CEO of Sugar Group Companies, discusses signing a joint venture agreement to develop renewable energy plants in Indonesia.

Renewable energy is on its way to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Gunawan Jusuf, CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, recently signed an agreement to construct renewable energy power plants. The contract is in conjunction with ENGIE, Indonesia’s renewable energy semiconductor manufacturer.

Renewable Energy in Sumatra

The agreement between ENGIE and the Sugar Group Companies signals the start of the joint construction of renewable energy power plans on the island of Sumatra in Eastern Indonesia.

The agreement states that the companies will construct renewable energy production units using solar energy and biomass. The units are worth a total of USD 1 billion.

A $500 million investment will fund solar power projects in Sumatra with a 300MW capacity. The Biomass power projects will have a production capacity of 200 MW, using water from land clearing and agricultural waste as an energy source. This also provides an alternative to clearing land by burning, causing major issues regarding haze in Sumatra.

Benefits of the Renewable Energy Project

The project’s mission is to create clean electricity in Sumatra to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainable development on the island. Gunawan Jusuf explained that Indonesia is currently highly dependent on fossil fuels for export and consumption. It diversifies the island’s electricity sources, leading toward lower carbon energy reliance.

The project, backed by the Sugar Group Companies and ENGIE, will also offer local job opportunities to boost the economy and improve the livelihood of many families on the island.

Additional benefits for the community include the construction of new roads and infrastructure where it didn’t previously exist. Community development projects will provide water supply, mosque, and school upgrades.

Gunawan Jusuf and the Sugar Group Comanies

Jusuf and the Sugar Group Companies are dedicated to improving their home country, including its sustainability and the everyday lives of the Indonesian people. This contract between ENGIE and the Sugar Group Companies is a significant step in the right direction for renewable energy in Indonesia.

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