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We live in a world where brands need social media engagement and support to grow. They need proper exposure through different marketing channels. Creating a personalised, quality, and impressive content that is relatable to millennials is the secret to growing your audience. Thats exactly how Top Tree can help grow your brand. They follow a customised marketing strategy to create high-quality content for your brands development. They use the power of social networking sites to reach out to a wider audience and spread brand awareness.

Services they Offer

As compared to paid advertising strategies and social media influencers, Top Tree develops a focused marketing campaign at a reasonable price. They guarantee a significant amount of organic traffic to your website and social accounts. Heres what they promise:

  • Viral brand growth on famous social sites like Instagram and Snapchat
  • Increasing your website traffic
  • A large number of impressions and clicks
  • Driving traffic to YouTube, social media sites, Vimeo channel, landing page eCommerce store, mobile app, and ticket vendors

Started as a small cannabis company, Top Tree became one of the leading marketing agencies in no time. Layne and Jonathan, co-founders of the company, realised the potential of their campaign and how it could work for not only cannabis but all types of brands. Having worked with many popular companies, Top Tree has gained immense popularity. It has over a million followers on social media accounts.

Top Trees Journey

The surprising fact is that the brand developed by sharing quality and relatable memes. They created impressive content that attracted a wider audience and resulted in the growth of the brand. They created a page where they would post content that people could relate to. As a result, users started tagging their friends and colleagues and shared these posts with others. This is how the top tree became a popular marketing brand on social media. Now, it runs several advertising campaigns, promoting multiple brands.

The follower count of the company is growing by thousands daily. What made them popular among the brands is their personalised services. The main goal of this marketing agency is to develop a personalised marketing campaign that caters to the brands specific requirements. The co-founders of Top Tree know that a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. They design an informative and engaging post that drives people to the destination page. They develop feed posts with an appropriate call-to-action that encourages users to take the necessary action – be it following the official brand’s page on social sites or shopping from their eCommerce store.

They are featured on Eaze Marijuana Delivery, Kivo Daily, Awaken the Greatness Within, Future Sharks, Green Entrepreneur, RMR, etc. The company supports the brand by providing them with personalised and quality services. Top Tree helps build your brand by driving a significant amount of organic traffic to your page.

As social media users are growing at a rapid rate, it only makes sense for companies to adapt to the social marketing techniques.

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