Google will unveil the Pixel 4 and other new hardware on October 15

Google will launch the next-gen Pixel smartphones at its ‘Made by Google’ event scheduled for 15 October, confirm media invites. It’s already known that the Pixel 4 phone will be unveiled at this upcoming event as Google has revealed a few official pictures and feature information of the phone. However, we will probably get to see more details at the event.

So far, it’s known that the Pixel 4 will use Google’s ‘Soli radar-based motion sensor control. Several leaks have revealed that the phone will have a design which includes a single texture back/color, which looks like a 3-shooter rear cluster.  While the Pixel 4 XL is expected to come with a 6.23-inch big OLED display with a resolution of 3040 x 1440 pixels, with one 90Hz mode which will make scrolling and animations smoother.

Coming to other hardware, rumors have suggested that the company may launch a new Pixelbook and Google Home speakers at the event. One may also get to know more about Google Stadia which is all set to be launched in November. Besides, Google may also likely release Google WiFi updates or Chromecast updates at the event.

Basically, one will have to wait and see what all Google has in the offering at the event.

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