Glimpse: The Next Facebook

Glimpse utilizes blockchain and NFT’s to create incredible value and digital experiences for users. 

Glimpse ushers in a revolutionary shift in the online value landscape. The New York City-based company envisions a virtual world where users are finally rewarded for the value they provide to social platforms. Why should legacy social media sites like Facebook siphon off all the profits from those who generate revenue through their social interactions? Is a service really free when its users get used? Glimpse officially frees the user from becoming the product.  

The incredible team of expert professionals behind Glimpse have joined together to devote their skills and experience to empowering creators like never before. Glimpse is a decentralized social media network, and with its advanced and unique features there’s no doubt that it’s primed to become the next global social media platform. Glimpse continues to expand at an unstoppable rate as more and more people appreciate the vision and opportunities it offers.  

The way it works is very simple and advantageous for everyone involved. The Glimpse platform utilizes the GLMS token as the payment currency of the system. The Glimpse Web3 social app serves to empower both creators and fans alike by completely flipping the script of existing social media options. It’s also a totally upgraded way to network and navigate socially.  

Glimpse allows creators to easily make NFTs out of their favorite everyday moments and sell them to fans as 1/1 digitally unique items. They get paid directly when fans purchase their NFTs, and they can also connect with the brands they love to run strategic ad campaigns. Fans can easily purchase NFTs of their stars’ top moments to collect, resell or show off. They can even use Glimpse to access virtual gatherings and actually meet their favorite creative stars in their personal virtual spaces!  

Coming together is the central spirit of Glimpse as a whole. Announcing one of the first of many incredible collaborations to come, CEO and founder Theodore Kozlowski said, “We are excited to establish a synergetic partnership with ProjectX. Our partnership maximizes the utility of NFTs purchased on Glimpse and provides an even greater monetization option for our users through the incorporation of DeFi.” 

We all understand that there is so much intrinsic value in connection and communication. It’s time for those who drive the traffic and provide the content, the likes, and the comments to see the rewards. This emerging community is bound to make serious waves! Join the waitlist on the Glimpse website, where you’ll also find links to their social media pages to link up on all levels.  

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