Giving Back – How ANML Supply is Saving Animal Lives Right Now

It is hard enough to make it on your own in today’s hectic world, but to also think about giving something back, that is the mark of a genuinely good soul. It is no secret that the world around us needs our help, and that humanity could do something to help the other creatures on this earth. Which is exactly what brothers Brandan and Tyler Mercier are doing.

The owners of a successful sneaker retail business, Boston Cooks, and now the founders of their very own  clothing brand, ANML Supply (which launched only last month!), Brandan and Tyler are wasting no time at all giving back and helping rebuild this world.

“The shoe and clothing industry is something that allows a person to look their absolute best. And when you look your absolute best you feel your absolute best. This causes the domino effect and gives you a sense of pride in yourself! We hope to transform the industry by not only changing our customers lives but by changing countless animal lives all together.”

Right, did we mention how involved with the world they are? At an incredibly young age, these two entrepreneurs are already giving back to Mother Earth. Now, giving back is a part of the life of many entrepreneurs we have met so far, but it usually takes place much later on.

The brothers’ new clothing brand, ANML Supply creates these unique clothes, all of them in some way related to animals, so that they make for an unbelievably cute, but also very classy look. But ANML is a business on a mission. Brandan and Tyler are using the profits from ANML Supply in order to help endangered animals. Much of their gains go to protecting species that risk extinction, which is why their clothes are also animal themed. Since your money is going to a good cause, you might as well wear a reminder of a good deed.

Of course, the two brothers did not reach such generous conclusions all on their own. In fact, they credit their good upbringing for opening their eyes to the world out there, and their open-minded parents for supporting and encouraging them every step of the way.

“We have been extremely blessed to grow up with the parents that we have. They have taken us on countless trips all around the world. Without them we would not even be close to where we are today. Traveling around the world has allowed us to push our limits and step outside of our comfort zone.”

These early experiences obviously helped them encounter different cultures and understand how important the rest of the world (including the animals in it) is for the growth of this planet.

It was also this experience of travel that gave them an idea of what they wanted to do with their lives.

“We have experienced many different cultures and our favorite happens to be Miami. With the luxurious lifestyle – yachts, Lamborghini’s, financial freedom, and real estate Miami had to offer the two brothers knew this is how they envisioned their futures.”

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