Getting to know Atlanta Rising Artist – Rene Bonet

Rene Bonet Born Rikita Rene Lincoln has easily become the talk of the city, after her latest visuals ‘Trendsetter” and “Shawdy” were featured on REVOLTTV founded by Hip Hop mogul Sean P Diddy combs.

Bonet received her education from Loudoun county High school, Bonet mentions of being a troubled kid who yearned for and outlet. Shortly after graduating she found her passion for music through writing poetry and turning those words into lyrics. With no room to grow in such a small-town Rene Bonet took her career to Atlanta Ga. There is where she meets The Late Grammy Award Winning Engineer Alvin Speights (TLC, Madonna, Dallas Austin).

Speight began to mentor Bonet making her a force to be recon with. After the tragic murder of Bonet’s brother who also had dreams of becoming a rapper, Bonét uses her grief and releases a thrilling but unexpected Traprock EP self-titled “Bully Barbé” revealing her alter ego full of electric guitars and trap sounding beats. “I just want to give my brother a chance to live through me” – Rene Bonet.

Bully Barbé is a combination of trap 808 beats, hard metal electric guitars and catchy rap lyrics. This Genre breaking artist is someone that we all should be looking out for. Bonet is known for her high energy performances that will leave you motivated and ready to take on the world. We are so proud of the accomplishment and what’s to come from this rising star.

To learn even more about Rene Bonet follow the links below:

Instagram: @renebonet

Facebook: @renebonet

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