Getting Happy and Zen With Paula Vail

These days’ happiness matters more than ever, and “Why am I So Happy?” is a book that can help you get your happiness groove back and keep it. Vail is one of the leading personal empowerment experts and a world-renowned Reiki master. Her book is a brilliant exploration of happiness, but she does not sugar coat life, having experienced her own challenges, come out on the other side, and found happiness. Vail wants to share what she has learned with readers, and the end result is an amazing book that can no doubt help people change their lives and find happiness even in the most challenging of times. We had a chance to interview Vail, and our conversation was nothing short of illuminating.

Your book “Why Am I So Happy?” is a really timely book considering that many people are struggling to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, and staying happy can be challenging. Are there some quick tips you can give me so they can increase their happiness factor during these challenging times?

We are in a very challenging time right now. Uncertainty about the future and feeling disconnected from one another can bring darkness into our life. So how do we seek more joy in our lives? Now is a time to realize the power of our thoughts. It is a time to choose positive emotions and thoughts. There a few things that I practice during challenging times that I would like to share with you. Find comfort in the knowledge that this time will pass. We may find ourselves on a new life path, but we will be moving ahead and with time letting go of today’s challenges. Think about your desired outcomes for the future, image the good things that will come out of the crisis and envision yourself in that future. We can choose to see ourselves happy, loved, successful, confident and so much more. Then you have to choose to believe it and know it. Trusting in the positive manifestation ahead will trigger happiness within you. Beyond that, this will also trigger positive energy in and around you. I also recommend taking several moments a day to look at what you are grateful for today. This could be a very simple blessing, such as a meal, a kind word or act of compassion from another, the love of a loved one or pet, etc.

We all have our own “Happiness triggers”. A topic I discuss in my book. Give yourself “Happiness triggers” continually. These are just a few of the tools available to us when we tap into our inner core of Joy.

You are also a very talented and highly respected Reiki master. Can you tell us a bit about Reiki and how it can help increase overall happiness and wellness?

Reiki is a pure healing, positive energy modality. It is a spiritually guided life force energy. It is a method not only for eliminating symptoms, but for achieving increasingly higher states of health and balance. It elevates our energy vibration in and around us, triggering improved health and positive emotions such as happiness! This increase in positive vibration brings wholeness and beneficial energies to us. Reiki, in my opinion, is life changing.

How can people take advantage of the healing effects of Reiki during this time when having an in-person session might not be an option?

A recipient can request to receive long distance Reiki. It is a technique that enables the Reiki practitioner to send very powerful healing energy to a specific person, animal, or situation from a distance. This will have the same effectiveness as receiving a hands-on Reiki treatment.

This is a wonderful technique. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic it gives me and other practitioners the ability to continue to send Reiki to our clients. More information is available on my website, including the opportunity to request long distance Reiki.

Writing a book is not for the faint of heart, can you tell us what inspired you to sit down and write this rather revolutionary book?

My passion is serving and inspiring others. I have always found great joy in those experiences. I realized that the challenges I have faced in my life have given me a certain life perspective. It brought me an increased compassion and caring for others going through life challenges and the desire to share what I learned. My struggles taught me to take control of my own happiness. The day I realized how much of a gift that lesson truly was, I knew I had to share it.  With years of people asking me “Why are you so Happy?” I decided I must sit down and write my book. Every chapter shares insight and tools that every reader can use in their own personal quest to find joy in their life and to empower themselves. Every person can take control and choose how they will respond to any situation. I wrote my book for anyone who is looking to expand the happiness that does indeed reside within them.

When I finished reading Why Am I So Happy I wanted to read more. Are you working on another book? I hope you are.

Yes. I am now in the process of creating my second motivational book. I also have a new show called “Elevating Your Life with Paula Vail” opening up on Patreon in May 2020. My fantastic new show will focus on helping others expand their positive potential and much more.

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