Germany-based boxer Piergiulio Ruhe reveals what inspired him to make a career in boxing

It is a known fact that the world is filled with a majority of soccer and cricket enthusiasts. Amidst all of this, there are many boxing enthusiasts as well which is an ever-rising sport. In Germany, boxing has lately started gaining recognition. The powerful contact sport is beneficial in building physical and mental strength of an individual. One name who is roaring in Germany’s boxing scenario is Piergiulio Ruhe. Weighing 69 kg, he made his professional debut on May 26, 2018. With 8 fights in total, he has 7 wins out of which 5 he won through K.O. Ruhe is currently the Reigning German Champion in welterweight.

His goal is to take Germany on a global level and take it on top when it comes to boxing. His longing dream is to have a fight at the world championship in Las Vegas, USA. The boxer is working tremendously to fulfil his dream and make it a reality.  Also known as Toto, the boxer has German and Italian nationality. His educational qualification revolves around technology as he completed vocational training in construction mechanics. The boxer has also got extremely good family business, ‘WARU – Wertvolles Aus Aluminium’ but this young man had some other plans in his mind.

Revealing what moved him to the field of boxing, Ruhe said, “Fighting always inspired me. I could see a lot of hard work and preparation one has to go through in boxing. I don’t like things coming easily to me. Boxing has helped me become a stronger person – mentally, physically as well as emotionally.” It is his passion for the sport which has seen the rise of Piergiulio Ruhe as a promising boxer in Germany. “Your life has no remote control. Get up and control your life by yourself”, this is the motto the boxer has been following all his life. During his teenage, Ruhe spent time playing soccer and tennis at SC Rinteln.

At the age of 16, he got introduced to boxing through his friend Mikael Mkrtchyan who is also a professional boxer since 2013 from Spain. Before making his professional debut, Piergiulio trained hard for 6 years and followed a strict diet regime. Despise earning so many accolades, he was always stuck to his roots and showed his love for his hometown in Niedersachsen on multiple occasions. With his five secret ingredients of discipline, willpower, self-confidence, implementation capability and dedication, Piergiulio Ruhe is prepping up for his upcoming fight against the WBC Youth Champion Maono Ally from Tanzania. The match was earlier postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak across the world.

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