From a 9-to-5 Job to a Multiple Six Figure Entrepreneur, Ebony Henry Shares her Journey

Success only comes to those who dare to dream. Ebony Henry is one such motivated soul, who put her everything to reach the height she is at today. From working in a 9 to 5 job, she has come a long way to become a multiple six figure entrepreneur.

Ebony started as a federal employee and was working in that job for several years. Though she loved what she was doing then, she felt something lacking in her life. She was not able to give enough time to her home and her son Aiden. And even though the job paid well, Ebony Henry didn’t quite liked the idea of exchanging that precious time with her family, for some extra money from the job.

Hence she quit!

With not much to go on, but definitely depending on her confidence to attain financial freedom, she started something she was good at. Being financially literate herself, she started on the path to make others have the same financial literacy. Her goal was to make as many women financially independent as she can.

Not every one can afford leaving their jobs and starting something of their own. And Ebony specially stresses on the fact that women don’t have to leave their job at all. All she wants is for women to be successful independently as well.

Ebony Henry is a credit expert who is helping several people bring their financial lives on track. Having low credit scores can become an obstacle to the path of success. She teaches people how to handle their money in order to come out from this trouble and start their journey on a positive note.

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