Fresh Prince of Cali: Ashton Sylve

The most unpredictable thing in life is what it has planned next for us. Some things come to us just unexpectedly, but most of the time what we do in the present defines our future. And building a vision for a better and beautiful future has no age barriers. You are never too old or too young to have dreams and be working your way towards making them come true. Dreams are what define a person’s purpose of life and the young years of your life are the best for starting to fulfill them, like Ashton Sylve, who, at the young age of 16 has successfully turned into a professional boxer. He is not just winning fights but also the hearts of anyone who is watching him. 

Born and raised in North Long Beach, Ashton was naturally gifted. He was exposed to an athletic environment from a very tender age, and after winning his first fight at the age of 6, boxing became his one true passion. A father is a son’s greatest teacher, and Ashton has been trained by his father Ivan Sylve at the Jack Rabbit Boxing. Ivan Sylve said earlier in the year, “we take pride in our work and we do things properly, Ashton and anyone that steps into the gym give everything they have whenever they come here, and win purposefully.”

Sylve’s unerring fighting style and fluidity of his moves have gotten him nicknamed “H2O. Already a ten times national and two times international champion, rumour says Ashton has received many promotional offers worth millions and has brands lining up round his corner. But Ivan believes right now Ashton ought to be working on his career rather than getting carried away with any distractions. Validated by famous faces like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Snoop Dogg and Sal Jobe, Ashton  gained recognition in the international boxing ring in 2017 with his stellar win at an elite international boxing competition in Ireland.

His quest for becoming the future of boxing is being flourished by advisors Sal Jobe, an actor turned famous sports agent and Oli Ward, who runs the global agency First Access Sports also dean from NLC. In recent interactions with the media they have revealed that Ashton has a massive following. Even the pandemic didn’t affect his trail of fans and as more and more people are focused on his movements he has to work really hard towards excellence. They even said they had complete faith in Aston’s style and techniques because all he has ever strived for is being a boxer and they have seen his abilities at close. Overcoming all barriers of age and differences Ashton is focused and engrossed in his path to make a legend. He believes a fighter does not fight just in the ring, but also in his life. They have to fight back every problem life throws in their way and be prepared for the next fight.

If you are brave enough to dream then you should be brave enough to pursue them as well. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. This 16 year old boxer has had one dream his entire life and he sure is out there ready to crumble anything obstructing his way.

Ashton looks to fight again this year in mexico, this will make it his third consecutive win. 

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