Florida’s top Architect and Entrepreneur Gloria Kloter founder of Glow Architects predicts top design trends for 2021

Architect and Entrepreneur Gloria Kloter, AIA, NCARB, CODIA; founder of Glow Architects is an award-winning woman. She has a fabulous team of designers who are setting new design trends and creating a revolutionary approach to the architecture and interior design world. 

Florida’s Glow Architects is known for giving multipurpose spaces an avant-garde look with a grand millennial and charming design; 2021 biggest trends will reimagine what a “home” is, says Gloria Kloter.

“In 2021, people are looking for houses that not only assist practical daily purposes, but for houses that nourish their souls and bring the family together.

Serenity will become a foundation of design, encouraging people to connect with greenery and natural elements indoors and outdoors in 2021.”

Bright, cheerful colors are also to the extent of upcoming changes. Gloria unveiled that the Pantone colors of the year for 2021 will include the energetic “Illuminating” as part of the palette. “We all need to be uplifted, especially while being at home after everything that is going on around the world, and the colors used in the spaces we inhabit play an important role on this matter”, says Mrs. Kloter.

Since their beginnings, Gloria Kloter’s highly acclaimed design team gets noticed for her work. She has been awarded and featured many times for her stunning work and for giving back to her community. Top magazines and websites write a lot about her and her innovative and chic work.

A few things which Gloria Kloter as an Architect and Interior Designer feels we will see in 2021 are as follows:

The multi-tasking houses: Our homes will experience a profound change. We will see more home gyms, greenery, and office spaces as some of the absolute “must haves” now.

Kitchens will get new designs in 2021: Yes multipurpose kitchens are in the cards in 2021. Education, cooking and eating spaces coexisting will be an option. Trendy high-tech kitchens are going to be part of 2021.

The importance of outdoor areas have increased: Due to the pandemic, houses with outdoor settings were liked the most. People will keep a designated space as an outdoor area at their houses where they can sit, exercise, and have spiritual time, in short, quality family time will drive our designs. We will see green outdoors for fresh air, mental health balance and eco-friendly places. 

To see new trends of architecture and interior design in 2021, visit https://www.glowarchitects.com

You can also connect to Florida’s best Architect or say Florida’s best Interior Designer Gloria Kloter through her Instagram account https://www.Instagram.com/gloriakloter

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