Fat Panda Tuan’s Hip Hop Is a Healing Therapy

There are so many negative connotations attached to Hip Hop music especially hip hop activists are usually blamed for instigating violence. The misrepresentation of this art form is altogether misunderstood. Maryland based rising star, Fat Panda Tuan, has dismantled this negativity through his music which heals the tormented hearts. Top notch prosecutors have been blaming hip hop culture and rap music for rising graph of crime in the social space. Fat has attempted to unmask this myth by promoting a lot of positive vibes, inspirational motives and fitness goals. Thus Fat Panda Tuan has surfaced as true healer and optimist.

Fat’s cult as fitness trainer and mindful food lover can be understood as the indexed feature of his personality. This cult has injected a lot of inspiration among youngsters. They get in touch with Fat Panda and seek guidance for boosting their positive energy of life. Undoubtedly, this art form is saintly in nature and it has potential to promote healthy and progressive trends in the socio-cultural domains.

Another healing effect of Tuan’s hip hop stems from his love for the video games and anime. Video games and anime put you in a world where you elope from the real world and forget the pains and pangs of life. These pains and pangs of life are no more a threat to your mental health. The growing rate of depression, anxiety and boredom can be killed using Fat Panda Tuan’s dose of hip hop.

Fat’s musical inspiration comes from his immediate society where people are facing the messy and chaotic situation of life. The hum-drum of contemporary urban life has badly disturbed the mental and emotional equilibrium of the masses. Thus Tuan’s musical imagination is shaped keeping in view the heartbeat of his fans. His art carries an agenda and it delivers a very meaningful message.

Apparently, Top researchers of Cambridge University have established that hip hop is a remedy for mental health patients.

Top Australian Magazine “The Conversation” has already acknowledged the vitality of hip hop regarding its therapeutic nature. Misha Ketchell, editor of the said magazine comments on the role of hip hop in this way:

“The lyrical content is a vehicle for building self-reflection, learning, and growth.”

Fat’s music delivers what cannot be delivered in a common conversational way. His music touches those areas where a common psychiatrist’s therapy can not appeal. His appeal is far more universal than any other therapeutic medicine. This is the distinction and quality that Fat Panda Tuan has earned over the period of years. He simply puts his hands on the pulse of society and he stands at the confluence of real and hyperreal. His music is a guiding star for so many youngsters.   

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