Fahad Al Tamimi – Coronavirus Rapid Result Test Kits

There are over 4 million people currently infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus and the global death rate of over 271,000 fatalities is increasing by the hour. Unfortunately, despite quarantine measures and over four months of fighting the virus, the infection rate continues to climb daily.

Many countries across the globe have chosen to restrict basic liberties and limit even further the social interaction between people. Almost all airports, train and bus stations remain vacant.  Although the quarantine measures have slowed the spread of the coronavirus, the overall result of isolation policies has reduced confidence in financial markets to an all-time low.  Market experts describe the pandemic as being like a huge casino gambling debt that will take many years to pay and rehabilitate from.

More troubling, the ILO (International Labor Organization) reports due to full or partial quarantine measures, over 2.7 billion workers are affected, representing 81% of the global workforce.

According to Fahad Al Tamimi, society cannot survive on 19% of its’ workforce.  Mr. Tamimi advocates fast action to kickstart the economy or else global recession will lead to far more fatalities than the virus itself. 

In a recent interview, Fahad Al Tamimi stated “Entire societies in the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and other great nations cannot afford to be isolated on house arrest without income for such a long duration of time.  Immediate steps must be taken to put people back to work. The only way a vaccine can be researched and developed is if industry is working”.

Earlier this week, the BBC reported more than $8bn (£6.5bn) was pledged by world leaders to aid in financing treatment for the disease and fund researchers in their quest to develop a vaccine.

The EU reports $4.4bn is for vaccine development, and some $2bn dedicated for treatment, while the remaining $1.6bn is for producing test kits.  According to Dr. Josh Cartu and viral immunologist Kizzmekia Corbett, of the Vaccine Research Center, a vaccine solution is not expected until the spring of 2021.

Fahad Al Tamimi and Joshua Cartu claim the pledging of $8 billion dollars is in-sequential compared to the trillions of dollars in fiscal damage to the global economy, and ultimately fails to solve a single problem for the average family household.  “Unemployed parents are stressed and unable to feed their families, while children (especially those without computers or internet) have no access to education” says Fahad Al Tamimi.

As some countries are lifting lockdown measures, many are now questioning its’ purpose.  News columnist Billy Xiong is among the many who are trying to make sense of governmental policy during these uncertain times and questions the original purpose of quarantine measures. 

Billy Xiong wrote “Over a month ago, society was ordered to socially distance from each other and forced into home isolation.  Since then, over a million new infections and hundreds of thousands of fatalities.  Now the government is starting to lift quarantine restrictions.  Unless I am mistaken, it would seem things are just getting worse.”

Fahad Al Tamimi believes coronavirus rapid result test kits need to be manufactured and distributed by all governments.  “Companies like Abbott Laboratories are now shipping millions of coronavirus molecular test kits that it claims can deliver results in less than 15 minutes”. 

In the opinion of Fahad Al Tamimi, speedy Covid-19 testing solutions identifying coronavirus symptoms is key to jumpstarting the economy and putting people back to work.  Mr. Tamimi claims “With rapid Covid-19 test results delivered within just minutes, business owners can now colonize within the workplace the healthy and separate them with confidence from the infected”. 

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