Expert Tips On How To Change A Formal Dining Room Into A Casual One

There were Victorian times when people had 12 seats at a dining table and used dark floors, to accentuate the formality of a dining room. But times have changed, now people do not have much need of entertaining more guests, let alone have a posh looking dining room.

While it can look beautiful, such dining rooms are hard to maintain. People want to change their old formal-looking dining rooms into casual dining rooms. So, here are a few tips including the idea of chandeliers to help you with that.

The furnishing in the dining room is important. If you used furniture with dark colors and more carvings it will look heavier. That’s why using laid back casual looking furniture is the way to go. Ladder-back chairs with woven seats fit the ambiance of a casual dining room. One can also try plastic chairs for the dining room to have a cozy feel.

A Formal Dining table often has a heavy ornate chandelier dangling at the top of it. But casual dining rooms can do without a chandelier. If you still want it, you can go for a smaller one that isn’t traditional looking or even macaron colour chandeliers that add some grace too. A simple chandelier or pendant lights can bring the oomph a notch down and make the place casual.

Formal Dining rooms have heavy curtains, dark colors, and thick carpets. Try to make the room airier by replacing it with light curtains, brighter colors, and thinner carpets.

Swap that old traditional rugs with modern options like botanical or geometric patterns. It will give a more modern feel to the room and make it look more home-like.

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