Ex-NFL star charged with destroying his own restaurants after claiming hate crime

Ex- NFL star player Edawn Coughman was taken under custody on Wednesday over allegedly vandalizing his restaurants.

Coughman was reportedly found as a perpetrator of 2 attacks on two of his local restaurants located in Georgia’s Gwinette County.

After a few witnesses explained a vandalism act taking place at one of Coughman’s restaurants, the NFL offensive tackle was reportedly taken behind bars in one suspicious car with a yellow crow bar as well as other items linked to the alleged crime.

The police accused that Coughman, 31, scrawled down ‘MAGA’ as well as other racial slurs on his restaurant’s walls with a spray paint. The police officers alleged that the player was attempting an insurance fraud by faking this like as hate crime.

According to an investigator, it is possible that Coughman was attempting to stage this like a hate crime maybe to grab attention. If the witness hadn’t informed the police and if the officers hadn’t responded quickly then the situation would have turned out to be an entirely different crime, said the investigator. In that case, Coughman may have tried to portray himself as victim, he added.

The case is different from a typical criminal probe, said an official, which is why the officers need to determine the no. of victims truly involved in the crime.

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