Entrepreneur Nadim Zidan sets 5 ways to make Money while Staying at Home

Known by his entrepreneurial skills, and flexibility to adapt to market changes, the Syrian businessman that’s based in Dubai, Founder of Hollywood Stars Group, Hollywood Modelz DXB and the social media guru that’s standing behind many talents in the Middle East.

Zidan shared his valuable insights, on how to make money during the quarantine that is forcing everyone around the world to stay home.

“It is obvious that if your business can not be done online, you are out of the market during these hard times” Nadim said.

He added “while millions around the world are sharing content about how bored are they during the home stay, or randomly posting tips and advices on how to do sport, cook, and how to wisely spend this time, only few are doing it right”.

Zidan highlighted 5 ways to make money while staying at home, where most of these ways requires no capital at all. He stressed to the fact that each one can decide what suits them best, and can balance the strength and weaknesses that they have, before deciding on which way they feel it is the best for them to implement.

1. If you are good at kitchen: get your camera and start preparing meal after meal, talk to your audience while filming it, keep the video as short as you can, and explain the steps, but don’t give away all the secrets, nor the accurate ingredients measures, keep those details for someone that is ready to pay 1-5 Dollars to get the full recipe and full method, where they can transfer this simple token to your bank account, you will share all the details with them, once your money is received, it may look like very small fee, but remember, you are now doing it with no fees at all, and the smaller the fee, the easier heir decision of clicking that button and make that silly transfer to your account, do it daily, constantly, and share previews of those used your services, and build a wider audience based on that, make a poll asking them, do you prefer this meal or that meal for tomorrow’s video, and do what the majority chooses, and never waste the food you are cooking, enjoy it with your family, or neighbors and friends .

2. If you are good at Fitness: it will be more convincing if you are certified or at least having a very fit athletic body, so your tips can look solid and convincing.
Divide your exercises into 2 levels beginners and advanced, don’t waste your time doing tips for professional because, well, they are professionals and will spend no money on your tips.
Target beginners, housewives, and those who are staying home, to build their workout routine from scratch.
Make your videos a bit funny and likeable, and easy to watch regardless the language spoken.
Share your daily workout video based on each level, each muscle and target, and make the full exercise along with tips related on how to master it with no injuries, keep the full info available in a well prepared video that you can send for those willing to pay 1-5$ to have it.
Build your audience, and encourage them to share stories on how they are executing your exercises, and use that to grow wider audience, and remember, 5 $ is better than 0 dollars you are making right now, and if you are good enough, and played it well by having a fun partner working-out with you, then your videos will go viral, especially if you shared some bloopers that everyone loves.

3. If you are good at makeup: in order to make money in here, you have always two sources, one is your audience, the other is the makeup brands.
Teach your audience how to do professional makeup from scratch, as if they are registered in an online course, divide your videos into categories, and don’t share the full method on how it is done, keep the full video ready for those interested to learn and pay 1-5$ to have it.
Be creative and unique in your content because you know that thousands around the world are into makeup, so you have to be humble, funny and telling a charming story, and keep it a routine to reply all comments.

4. If you are good at music: if you are playing an instrument, mastering it in a perfect way that allows you to teach it, then select hit covers, and play its music, and share teasers on how to do that, and keep your videos simple for those using that instrument for the first time, divide your videos to look like a full course, where interested audience can pay you 1-5 Dollars per video to get it, or a total amount for the whole training course, but, never share that amount unless directly been ask about it, because we want to show everyone that they can avail your videos, and learn to play music for such a low cost.
Don’t forget to tag and mention the stars you are playing their songs, you never know when that can turn into a sparkle.

5. If you are good at languages: especially if you are living in foreign country that speaks another language, let’s say you are living in Dubai, where it many nationalities around that live and work their but they don’t speak Arabic, design a course over your videos, to teach Arabic to non-Arabic speaker, it will go viral, but you will have to build it in a way that really serves their need of learning this second language to make their life better in a country that speaks this language, and that enhances their chances in the job market.

Let your videos be matching each level of audience from those who never spoke this language to the others who know a little about it, and let each lecture be available for 1-5 Dollars.

“And remember, if you are not good at anything, it is time you can change that, because you always complained having no time to do this and learn that, now you have all the time, so if you couldn’t get out of this quarantine as a better person, with better skills, you were not lacking time, you were lacking self-confidence and discipline’ Zidan ended his tips with this valuable closure, reminding everyone that “inside you there are many hidden talents, and it is always your choice to watch others succeeding, or let those hidden talents come to the surface, and inspire everyone around you.”


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